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Do I need to pay to have my writing corrected?
Yes, you need points to have your writing corrected. Buy points on the points page, get points with certain membership levels or earn points by sharing lessons with other members, tutoring or referring friends to LingQ.
Is my writing corrected by a tutor?
Yes, your writing is corrected by our tutors using our own writing correction system. Our tutors correct your mistakes and replace your unnatural phrasing with native speaker phrasing, which makes your language sound natural.
How long will it take for my writing to be corrected?
You will receive your corrected writing submission within 48 hours.
What should I write about?
You can write about anything you like, the lesson you are studying, your life, current events, or, click the dropdown arrow at right to see a list of suggested writing topics.
How do you deal with Grammar on LingQ?

Our tutors will identify grammatical problems you are making in your writing and speaking and explain any relevant grammar concepts in the reports you receive. You are also free to ask your tutor any questions about grammar on the forum or when communicating with them.

While we do not stress grammar instruction here at LingQ, we recognize that people are curious about the structure of the language they are learning. One solution is to buy a small grammar book and read it from time to time. Try to avoid relying on grammar rules as some kind of filter that you have to pass all of your thoughts through before you can say anything. Try to develop good reflexes.

How do I find a writing corrector?
When you submit writing from the Write page you can choose a corrector from the Choose corrector popup. You can also click the Submit writing link on a Tutor's profile or when searching for tutors and writing correctors on the Friends search page.
How do I correct writing?
Select the text containing a mistake and click New Correction. Correct the text in the Corrected Text field, choose a Mistake Type and add a note if further clarification is required. Select the next mistake and so on until the correction is done. Leave a final comment with overall suggestions and click the Send Report button.
Recommendations for Writing Correction
  1. Try to highlight words and phrases rather than sentences or letters. This makes the mistakes easier to fix and to understand.
  2. Try to make the finished writing sound natural. It should read as if a native speaker could have written it.
  3. Encourage students to LingQ the natural words and phrases you suggest in your corrections.
How many points do I earn for correcting writing?
You are paid based on the number of words in the submission at a rate of 1500 points for 600 words.
Can I convert my points to cash?
Yes, you can convert points into cash but you will need a minimum of 10000 points ($100) to do so. Note that a 25% commission will be withheld by LingQ when you cash out.However, there is no commission for points earned from referrals or sharing lessons.
Do points I earn for tutoring expire?
Yes, these points are no different than any other points you receive. They must be used or redeemed for cash within 90 days.
My writing has not been corrected yet. Can I change the corrector?
Yes, as long as your corrector has not already started correcting your writing you can change your corrector at any time. Just open your writing and choose a different corrector or choose a new corrector from the tutor list and choose your submitted writing from the title dropdown on the submit writing page.

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