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Join Our Team

Would you like to become part of the LingQ team? We are always looking for exceptional, passionate people to join our team and help make LingQ better!

We are not always actively looking for specific positions but if you feel you have something to contribute to LingQ, we are always interested in hearing from you. At the moment, we are looking to fill the following position(s):

Content Marketing Manager

Do you have experience managing social media campaigns? Have you optimized blog posts for SEO? Email marketing? 

If you love startups, can wear multiple hats, and like dogs. If you can tell a great story, but also know the statistical significance of a 20% lift in click-through rates over 5000 impressions. If you are comfortable being uncomfortable and always looking for ways to learn, grow, and excel. This is the job for you.

You should have experience in content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing and email marketing. You should write and speak well and ideally have an interest in languages. You need to be organized and get things done.

Job Description

You will oversee all of our content marketing and digital marketing initiatives, working together with content creators and others on the marketing team. This includes finding and managing content creators and editing the finished product if necessary. We have multiple blogs, Youtube and social media channels all intended to drive awareness and traffic/downloads to LingQ.

You will need also be in charge of internal marketing activities to our user list. This may include anything from promotions to contest type initiatives in all formats from email to social media. You will be part of a small marketing team so be ready for a variety of tasks and come with your own ideas on how to spread the word about LingQ!

Key Responsibilities

Make data-driven decisions to plan, optimize and manage our content generation. This includes blog posts, videos, ebooks and more.
Track and grow our organic content reach, through optimization, outreach, influencer marketing.
Gain insights through data to improve our marketing performance and report key findings to management
Oversee digital budgets and reporting
Work with the Marketing team to put together compelling campaigns, from ideation to production to reporting.
Understand how to balance brand and product level marketing and the targeting, messaging, and content required for both in digital.

Experience & Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or equivalent preferred
  • 2+ years experience working in a digital marketing role
  • B2C experience marketing a service is a bonus.
  • Experience working in the technology sector
  • An interest in language learning is an asset
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong background in SEO and SEM
  • Experience managing campaigns from ideation through execution, analysis and reporting.
  • Have a knack for developing on-target key messages
  • Familiar with principles, techniques and best practices for key marketing channels
  • Passionate about A/B testing & conversion rates
  • An analytical mind and interest in using data to optimize/scale marketing strategies and tactics
  • Strong verbal and written communication abilities, interpersonal skills, and presentation skills
  • Ability to think strategically when spearheading and working on cross-functional projects
  • Entrepreneurial-minded, energetic and deadline oriented
  • Great networker and vibrant in community outreaching


Group Sales & Marketing Manager

LingQ is looking for a highly motivated Sales and Marketing Manager to help us market to schools and companies. LingQ offers special tools that can really enhance the power of LingQ for groups.

We are looking to promote our web and mobile language learning platform to schools, companies and other groups looking for language training.

The successful applicant should have experience in sales and marketing and have an interest in languages. Ideally, candidates have experience marketing products to K-12 schools, university/college level schools, language schools or companies.

Job Description

Review existing marketing materials and create new marketing materials.

Develop marketing strategies for approaching different market segments and developing awareness.

Develop sales strategies. May include email, social campaigns as well as attending trade shows and making cold calls.



3+ years of sales/marketing experience
A passion for language learning
Familiarity with and interest in existing web and mobile options for education
Excellent time management & organizational skills plus a keen eye for detail.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

SEO, ASO Analyst

LingQ is looking for a highly motivated SEO/ASO/ Analyst to be focused on the end goal of delivering measurable results and improving our discoverability on our website, blogs and mobile app stores. We have a website and blog with thousands of pages localized in over 10 languages. We need to make sure these pages can get found.

We have 15 iOS and Google Play Apps which are also localized into over 10 languages. We need to make sure we are measuring results and doing all we can to optimize discoverability and conversion for our app store listings.

The successful applicant should be well versed in SEO and ASO and have an interest in languages.

Job Description

Review all web pages and SEO structure. Analyze current SEO performance which should be reported on monthly.
Figure out how to improve SEO performance.
Review all App Store listings and ASO metadata. Analyze current ASO performance which should be reported on monthly.
Review App Store Listings conversions and recommend optimizations to a/b test.
Use analytics tools and key metrics to drive all decisions


3+ years of SEO/ASO experience
A passion for language learning
Familiarity with and interest in existing web and mobile options for education
Passion for testing, analyzing, and iterating
Excellent understanding of SEO and mobile app store optimization
Excellent time management & organizational skills plus a keen eye for detail.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ability to perform SEO/ASO in multiple languages is a definite plus


Python/Django Developer

Are you looking to roll up your sleeves and become a key member of a small development team helping to build and grow a leading edge language learning system and community? We are currently seeking a Django Web Developer to join our team. Professional experience is just one factor in our evaluation. We are looking for driven, fast learners who are motivated to deliver the end result as efficiently as possible. There will be plenty of opportunity for creativity but always with the end result in mind. You will be involved in all aspects of web development and should be willing and flexible enough to perform a variety of tasks.

Job requirements:

- Professional and/ or personal experience in Python, Django, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, HTTP, REST, PostgreSQL, Linux, Sphinx Search and Redis.

- Excellent English communication skills, verbal and written.

- Ability to work independently yet contribute to and cooperate with the team.

- Flexibility and a willingness to learn.

- Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

- An interest in languages and language learning is a plus


Interested in joining our team? Email your cover letter, telling us about your best technical accomplishment, and your resume to jobs[at]lingq[dot]com. 

LingQ offers competitive salaries and full benefits. We are open to working remotely. We are looking for the best person for this position.

We thank all applicants for their interest. Unfortunately, time allows us to only contact those candidates who are short-listed.

We look forward to hearing from you!