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Would you like to become part of the LingQ team? We are always looking for exceptional, passionate people to join our team and help make LingQ better!

We are not always actively looking for specific positions but if you feel you have something to contribute to LingQ, we are always interested in hearing from you. At the moment, we are looking to fill the following position(s):


Content Manager

The world wants to learn languages. Content - interesting, comprehensible, appropriate, compelling - determines success or failure. Language content is available like never before, yet learners struggle to find what they need.
Are you energetic, enthusiastic and a sophisticated user of technology and the web? LingQ is an app which optimizes learning languages from compelling content. Facilitating access to content that is appropriate and relevant for each learner is crucial to our value proposition.

The Content Manager position will :

  • Manage, curate, and oversee the generation and organization of all content in LingQ’s multi-language content libraries.
  • Help design how the content is displayed, to ensure relevant content discovery for learners.
  • Produce explanatory material, videos, webinars, ensure learners know how to find content relevant to their interests and level, within LingQ’s libraries.
  • Produce material, videos, webinars, etc. explaining how to find relevant content outside of LingQ’s libraries, and how these can be integrated with LingQ.
  • Find and make members aware of content sources and other information relevant to the languages offered at LingQ.
  • Seek out potential partnerships for LingQ, with providers of professionally produced content that would be of benefit to LingQ’s users.
  • Measure and review content interaction on our apps, both native content and imported, to make sure we are improving content interaction.
  • Regularly review the quality and appropriateness of content in our libraries.
  • The successful candidate must be a good communicator, spoken and in writing. Preference will be given to applicants who have achieved fluency in a number of languages. LingQ’s goal is to optimize language learning from compelling content. The task of optimizing the content itself is an important new challenge. Therefore, the successful candidate must show dedication to this task, enthusiasm and be a willing learner.


Are you ready to help the world learn languages? Are you energetic, enthusiastic and a power user of technology and the web? LingQ is a language learning app which enables learners to learn from “content they love”. Therefore, ensuring they can find this relevant, interesting content is crucial to our value proposition.

This position will be responsible for the following content related tasks:

  • Managing, curating, and otherwise overseeing the generation and organization of all content in our content library.
  • Helping to influence how the content is displayed and ensuring relevant content discovery for our learners.
  • Producing content marketing material, videos, webinars, etc.. in order to make sure learners know how to find the relevant, interesting, content.
  • Producing content marketing material to explain to users how to find external content that is relevant and how to import it into LingQ.
  • Finding external content sources of general interest to our members and making that information available to them across all study languages.
  • Reaching out and interacting with providers of professional content to explore potential partnership opportunities with LingQ.
  • Measuring and reviewing content interaction on our apps, both native content and imported to make sure we are improving content interaction.

We guarantee you will learn a ton if you’re willing and able. It is required that you write very well. All we ask is that you be dedicated, keen and a strong learner. Become part of something enjoyable and rewarding and help us continue building LingQ into the premier language learning app.


Web and Mobile UI/UX Designer

We are looking for a full time Web and Mobile UI/UX Designer. This includes web and mobile app design, promotional and marketing material design including on social media channels and blogs.
We have the following responsibilities in mind but new things will constantly be arising as well:

  • Upgrade web and mobile UI/UX design including design of new functionality
  • Review web and mobile app designs and help optimize UI/UX
  • Create promotional banners and other required creative as required
  • Add to design standards documentation and help maintain standards
  • Work together with our international team to improve our overall brand design and consistency.


Details of job:

  • Design banners and marketing materials as required.
  • Turnaround time should be quick, within a day or two
  • Design landing pages, public pages for LingQ as required. Check that designs are implemented properly
  • Improve and develop UX/UI of web app and mobile apps. Can include user testing but not always. A new version is well underway which is a significant rewrite of the current app. We will look for input as we move forward.
  • Help build out and maintain design standards across all our properties including web, mobile, marketing, social media, Youtube, etc..

Would be a plus:

  • An interest in language learning and familiarity with other web and mobile language applications

Required Skills

  • web and mobile UI/UX Design experience 3+ years
  • graphic design experience 3+ years
  • familiarity with design tools like Figma, Zeplin, Sketch, and Adobe Creative Cloud

Some overlap with our main team in Vancouver is required. More important is quick turnaround when necessary.




Interested in joining our team?

LingQ is breaking new ground in the multi-billion dollar language learning industry and catering to the universal desire to explore other languages and cultures. Become part of an exciting and rewarding project . Help us continue building LingQ into the premier language learning app.  

Email your cover letter, telling us why you would be a good fit for LingQ, and your resume to jobs[at]lingq[dot]com. 

LingQ offers competitive salaries and full benefits. We are based in Vancouver, Canada but the majority of our team works remotely. We are looking for the best person for these positions.

Even if you don't see a job here that suits your skills, we are always looking for passionate, skilled people looking to help us in our mission.

We thank all applicants for your interest. Unfortunately, time allows us to only contact those candidates who are short-listed.

We look forward to hearing from you!








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