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Learn Hebrew Online

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learn Hebrew online

Why Learn Hebrew Online With LingQ?

Has learning Hebrew always been on your to-do list, but you just never seem to find the time? Maybe you know some Hebrew already and want to build your skills. You need LingQ!

The LingQ library is full of interesting content waiting to be discovered. Found something online in Hebrew you would like to study from? Just import it to LingQ as a lesson. No need to study dull textbooks and awkward, scripted conversations – your journey to fluency is personalized and fun with LingQ.

You’ll need support and guidance on your journey to fluency, and who better to get it from than native speakers and other learners? You can even sign up for native speaker tutoring. The LingQ community is active, enthusiastic and on hand to answer your questions and share awesome lessons and resources with you anytime. They’ll also give you the motivation you need to realize your dream of learning Hebrew

The LingQ system is based on polyglot Steve Kaufmann's method.

  • Join live Hebrew Conversations
  • Make friends in our Community
  • Have your Writing corrected
  • Learn Hebrew Vocabulary
  • Download and listen on the go
  • Get help from Personal tutors

Learn Hebrew like a child

What if we told you you could learn Hebrew like you learned your native language?. It’s possible with LingQ! You learn in context with LingQ's unique system. Learning from content that matters to you will have you picking up words and phrases naturally, like a child does.

An online Hebrew community

Just because you’re learning online doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. The LingQ global language-learning community is here to help! You will be making friends with Hebrew speakers and other learners from around the world. These new friends will give advice and answer questions on the active LingQ forums, or in the blog comments.

Available when you are

LingQ is always available, so you learn when it suits you. Both the LingQ iOS and Android mobile apps make learning on the go easy. Learn while running, commuting to work or waiting in line. When you learn this way, from content you have a real interest in when you’re most focussed, you’ll pick up Hebrew in no time.

Who is it for?

LingQ is for any kind of Hebrew learner. Whether you’re starting from scratch or able to speak some of the language already, studying alone or in a classroom with other students you will reach your learning goals with LingQ – it’s simple. Become a member today and get one step closer to your dream of fluency in Hebrew.

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What people are saying

  • "LingQ is my favourite online resource for language learning. Their gigantic library in different languages gives me the opportunity to build vocabulary with great material that includes audio and text. There is no better way to master a language."

    Gabriel Silva Polyglot and founder of Fluent ASAP

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Fluent ASAP
  • "I really want to thank LingQ so much for transforming the way I learn languages. The LingQ system makes reading in your target language easy, efficient and effective. By highlighting words and phrases, your vocabulary and grammar knowledge improves naturally as you read"

    Simon Haisell Ethnographer and blogger

    London, UK

  • "I decided to sit the DELF B1 exam after a year of using LingQ, but I was not expecting so much success. I got 90 which was the highest among all the students who took the test!"

    Aaya Al Kawaz Medical Student

    Baghdad, Iraq

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