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Can you explain a LingQ's status?

The status indicates how well you know one of your LingQed terms. When a LingQ is first created it has a status of 1-New. This status changes to 2-Can't remember then 3-Not sure and finally 4-Learned as you learn the term.

How do I adjust the status of multiple terms in my list?

Use the tick boxes at left to select all the terms you want to adjust. Then select your desired action from the "More actions" dropdown. You can either increase or decrease the Status by 1, move the terms directly to Known or delete the terms.

Note: You must be a Basic, Plus or Premium member to use the batch delete feature.

What is the LingQs of the Day email?

As you create LingQs, they are due for review based on their status. Status 1 words are due for review in 1 day, status 2 in 3 days, status 3 in 7 days, and status 4 in 15 days. Once words become due for review they are added to the SRS - Due for review list. Words from the SRS list are sent out daily in this email. Whenever, words are reviewed or status is changed, the review period is reset.

Control the settings for your LingQs of the Day in the Notifications tab in your Settings. * Note: You must have emails or notifications enabled in order for the lists to be created.

How do I earn coins and what can I do with them?

LingQ rewards you for learning and knowing words. When you create a LingQ or make a word known, you earn coins. The number of coins you earn depends on the value of the word. The most common words are considered more valuable and are worth four coins. The less common a word is, the fewer coins you will earn. The number of coins each word is worth is shown under the word in the blue and yellow panels.

If you make a word known, you earn 5X its value. Creating a LingQ earns you 1X the word’s value. Increasing the status of a word earns you 1X coins per status increase until a word becomes known (✔). That means you can earn a maximum of 20 coins for the most valuable words and 5 coins for 1 coin words!

Therefore, if you create a LingQ (Status 1) for a 2 coin word, you earn 2 coins. As you continue to learn it, you earn 2 coins for each increase in status. Once it has become known you will have earned 10 coins. Conversely, if you had already known that blue word and marked it as known initially, you would have earned 10 coins right away.

You can use coins in the Avatar Store and buy clothes and accessories for your growing avatar.

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