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What do I need points for?

Points are used to book conversations with tutors and to pay for writing correction. They can also be used to buy premium content. Buy points here or get points as part of Premium Plus Membership. You can also earn points by sharing lessons with other members, tutoring or referring friends to LingQ.

How do I get points?
You can buy points on the Points page. You can receive a monthly points allowance as a Premium Plus Member. You can earn points by sharing lessons with other members or by referring friends to LingQ.
How do I earn points from my shared content?
Each month we take any expired points from that month and pay them out to all those who shared content that month. Points are then awarded to content providers based on the number of shared lessons as a percentage of the total number of shared lessons. If your lessons accounted for 10% of the total lessons shared, you will receive 10% of the expired points collected.
How do I earn points for referring my friends?
Invite friends and follow your referrals on the Referrals page. You will receive 200 points each month for any of your referred friends who upgrade to Premium. You continue to receive this monthly bonus for as long as your referred friend remains a paying member.
Do my points expire?
LingQ points expire if not used within a one year period. As long as you are active, earning points, buying points or spending points, your points won't expire.

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