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Desafios da Linguagem

Desafios da Linguagem.

Join the 90-Day Challenge, Hard-Core 90-Day Challenge or the Monthly LingQing Challenge and make a breakthrough in your target language.

Create lessons from content of interest with the LingQ Importer

Create lessons from content of interest with the LingQ Importer.

This browser extension allows you to automatically import web pages, articles, and video captions from sites like YouTube and Netflix into LingQ.

One of the best foreign language libraries on the web

One of the best foreign language libraries on the web.

Choose from thousands of hours of audio along with matching transcripts.

Powerful vocabulary tools

Powerful vocabulary tools.

Look up and save words and phrases to your own private database for later review.

Known words tracking system.

Track and measure everything you learn at LingQ. We track which words you know and can tell you which words are new to you.

Desafios da Linguagem

Comunidade Global da Online.

Participe em conversas ao vivo, corrija a sua redação, obtenha ajuda de tutores pessoais, faça amigos!

A Equipa da Liderança

Mark Kaufmann

Mark Kaufmann

Diretor executivo, cofundador
Jefe, fala 4 idiomas (além de desenvolver essa p#!%a toda)

It was while travelling the world as a pro hockey player (ice hockey for you non-Canadians) that Mark first developed an interest in learning languages. He has taken Steve’s methods and designed LingQ to bring this approach to the masses. He can usually be found working out or playing sports while listening to LingQ lessons… kind of tough under the hockey helmet! Mark has been featured in The National Post and Made in CA.

Steve Kaufmann

Steve Kaufmann

Language expert, Co-founder
Fala 20 línguas (ele viaja muito)

Steve has had a passion for languages most of his life and is a well known polyglot on the web. Steve is the all-time champion LingQer and developer of the LingQ approach. When not studying on LingQ, he can be found on the Forum, on his YouTube channel and blog, or starting conversations with strangers in any of his 20 languages...and of course running on the golf course!

Collaborate with Steve Kaufmann, Language Expert

Steve Kaufmann

Collaborating with Steve

For all interviews, media opportunities and press inquiries please add the details below and Steve’s team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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