The adverb is an unchanging part of speech which designates:

- the feature of an action: робити швидко (to do fast);
- the feature of the feature: дуже хороший (very good);
- the feature of an object: поворот направо (turn right).

The adverb answers the questions: як? де? коли? навіщо? чому? куди? звідки?

You can use different parts of speech to form the adverb. For instance,
Швидкий (fast, adjective) - швидко
Далечінь (distant spot, noun) - вдалину
Двоє (two, numeral) - надвоє

The adverbs have no endings. The whole word is the stem.

The adverbs which derive from qualitative adjectives have the comparison degrees and are formed correspondingly.