Particle and Interjection

The particle provides the words or sentences for certain semantic or emotionally-expressive shades. It can also serve as a means for building words and their derived forms.

To form the subjunctive or imperative mood of the verb, use the particles би, б, хай, нехай.
To express negation, use не, ні, ані.
To issue a question, to confirm a thought, to strengthen an idea, to point to an object or an action, a place or a quantity, use чи, хіба, невже, атож, аякже, лише, хоча б, ото, приблизно, майже, мало не, навіть, таки, тільки.

The interjection is a special part of speech which expresses the feelings or the will of the speaker without naming them.

Groups of Interjections

By origin non-derivative о! ого! ех! гм!
derivative жах! отакої! прощавай!
By meaning emotionalБоже мій! еге!
volitional годі! геть! алло! марш!
speaking etiquette привіт! бувайте! перепрошую! будь ласка!
Onomatopoeic words a separate form of words that are relatively ranked as interjections ку-ку! ш-ш-ш! дзень-дзень!