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Effective communication in a foreign language for your whole team

Enable your team members to immerse themselves in their new language, where they can learn from content of interest to them, and allow them to learn the language of your industry.

LingQ works with you

Is your team receiving foreign language correspondence? With LingQ you can import communications privately into your account so that reading an email, brief or report in a foreign language is fast and efficient. This allows you to quickly learn vocabulary specific to your workplace, grow your language skills and help you do your job better.

Privacy and Security

All accounts are password protected, and imported content can be kept private at the individual and group levels.

Serious Value

At $8 per user/month, you’ll save 20% per employee compared to regular consumer prices.

Engaging Content

LingQ has over 100,000 lessons - that’s 1000s of hours of authentic, compelling content, all with text and audio.

Business Ready

The admin portal allows you to monitor your employees' engagement with LingQ, with detailed historical data. Centralized payment, and the ability to manage subscriptions makes managing your language learning program a breeze.

Expand your business - grow your team's language skills with LingQ

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