[Vancouver, Canada] — LingQ, the powerful language learning app developed by polyglot Steve Kaufmann, announced their 2023 language trends for Canada and the world.

LingQ Reveals 2023 Language Trends for Canada & The World

It’s been a record breaking year at LingQ with more people than ever before choosing to learn a new language. Language learners on LingQ learned over 100 million new words in 2023! With the language learning industry predicted to grow a further 20% over the next decade, it’s an exciting time.

The top 10 languages learned worldwide in 2023:

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It isn’t surprising to see English in the top spot again for this year. Arabic, though, is a new addition to the list and has made the top 10 for the first time. It replaces Portuguese from the most popular list of 2022 (1.English 2.Spanish 3.French 4.German 5.Japanese 6.Russian 7.Italian 8.Chinese 9.Korean 10.Portuguese). Korean has moved up a place in popularity, reflecting the continued popularity of Korean music, movies and TV shows.

In the USA, lingua franca English moved to position two from six in 2022. English also toppled French and Italian from first place in France and Italy in 2023. That said, it is Spanish learners who added the most learned words to their LingQ statistics in 2023: over 13 million words!

The top 10 languages learned in Canada in 2023:

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Ukrainian has made the top 10 for the first time with a 75% increase in learners in 2023. This increase is in part due to LingQ making Ukrainian free to learn following the war in the region.

“It’s always interesting to see which languages are popular, in general and in specific markets, both in terms of numbers of learners but also in terms of the number of words they are learning, which indicates the depth of their learning.” said Mark Kaufmann, LingQ cofounder, “It’s also clear how global some of these language trends are, like for instance the relative increase in the popularity of learning Korean.”

Read the full 2023 language trends report here.

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