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The future of language

Everyone is capable of becoming fluent in a second or third or ninth language! All you need is the desire to learn and the right system.

- Steve Kaufmann, Co-founder

Meet the LingQ Team

The LingQ team is always happy to answer your questions, help solve any issues and assist you along your exciting language learning journey.

  • Mark Kaufmann

    Mark Kaufmann

    CEO, Co-founder

    Jefe, Speaks 4 Languages (including getting s#!t done)

    It was while travelling the world as a pro hockey player (ice hockey for you non-Canadians) that Mark first developed an interest in learning languages. He has taken Steve’s methods and designed LingQ to bring this approach to the masses. He can usually be found working out or playing sports and trying, when possible, to listen to LingQ lessons at the same time. (Kind of tough under the hockey helmet…)

  • Steve Kaufmann

    Styvas Kaufmanas

    Guru, Co-founder

    Speaks 20 languages (he travels a lot)

    Steve has had a passion for languages most of his life and is a well known polyglot on the web. Steve is the all-time champion LingQer and developer of the LingQ approach. When not studying on LingQ, he can be found on the Forum, on his YouTube channel and blog, or starting conversations with strangers in any of his 20 languages...and of course running on the golf course..!

  • Boris Dobroslavov
    Canada Bulgaria

    Boris Dobroslavov

    Web App Developer

    He chooses where to have lunch

  • Miguel Franco
    Canada Mexico

    Miguel Franco

    Designer / Front-End

    Always looking good

  • Tim Costa
    usa Korea

    Tim Costa

    IOS Developer

    Loves UX and doing chin ups

  • Tiago Salvador

    Tiago Salvador

    Android Developer

    The Ronaldo of Android development

  • Maria Jimenez

    Maria Jimenez

    Web App Developer

    When’s the next flight to Korea?

  • Roman Kozenko

    Roman Kozenko

    API Secret Agent

    Speed master

  • Stas Vovk

    Stas Vovk

    Dev-Ops / Back-End

    He controls the big switch

  • Oleksii Mazur

    Oleksii Mazur


    Coding is silent music

  • Norris Aboagye Boateng

    Norris Aboagye Boateng

    Android Developer

    I talk to computers

  • Jane Tertyshnikova

    Jane Tertyshnikova

    UX UI Designer

    I deliver your ideas to users

  • Zoran Simicic

    Zoran Simicic

    Customer Service

    The nicest guy ever

  • Ana Rivera

    Ana Rivera


    Designer's nightmare

  • Elizabeth Lebel

    Elizabeth Lebel

    Communications Manager

    She writes good

  • Eric Roberts

    Eric Roberts

    Marketing/Content Creator

    Hockey & Japanese

  • Marija Popovska

    Marija Popovska

    SEO Outreach

    Loves to "Drive in" traffic

  • Tiago Ribeiro

    Tiago Ribeiro

    Learner Success Support

    To infinity and beyond!

  • Karolina Ługowska

    Karolina Ługowska

    QA Engineer

    Drinks too much tea

  • Vitalii Kashuba

    Vitalii Kashuba

    QA Engineer

    Never depressed, always on positive

  • Yulia Martynenko

    Yulia Martynenko

    QA Engineer

    Eat. Sleep. Coffee. Test. Repeat

  • Yaroslav Demchuk

    Yaroslav Demchuk

    Web App Developer

    All about components

Our Story

LingQ is a vibrant community of passionate, enthusiastic language learners and native speaker tutors. The combination of awesome people and effective methodology make LingQ the best place to learn a language.



  • LingQ was launched in late 2007 by Steve Kaufmann and his son Mark to develop better tools for language learners.

    The LingQ system is based on Steve's experiences learning languages. Until the age of 17 Steve only spoke English. After 10 years of French lessons in school, Steve still couldn’t speak it. It was at the point that Steve decided to find a way to learn languages that works.

    The system that Steve developed forms the basis of the LingQ system enabling thousands of learners from all over the world to enjoy language learning and successfully reach their goals.

  • LingQ is a fun, simple way to learn languages from authentic, interesting content. Learning the language from the language itself, just as most children learn their own language.

    Steve Kaufmann has proven that this system works – He now speaks 20 languages. Along with over 1,000,000 LingQ members who continue to prove it every day

Mūsų misija

We are devoted to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from learning languages.

Mūsų misija

Ką LingQ siūlo

  • Viena geriausių užsienio kalbų bibliotekų internete. Pasirinkite iš tūkstančio valandų garso įrašų kartu su atitinkamais nuorašais.

  • Galingi žodyno įrankiai. Peržiūrėkite ir išsaugokite žodžius ir frazes savo asmeninėje duomenų bazėje vėlesniai peržiūrai.

  • Žinomų žodžių sekimo sistema. Sekite ir matuokite viską, ką išmokstate LingQ. Mes stebime kokius žodžius Jūs žinote ir galime pasakyti kokie žodžiai yra Jums nauji.

  • Pasaulinė internetinė bendruomenė. Prisijunkite prie pokalbių realiuoju laiku, taisykite savo rašybą, gaukite pagalbą iš asmeninių dėstytojų, suraskite draugų!

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