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Have you always wanted to learn a language?
Why not try a new Approach?

One that allows you to learn directly from interesting, authentic content in your new language?

Real content that makes learning enjoyable and effective.

That's what you will find on LingQ.

There's something for everyone in the huge LingQ library:

  • News articles
  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • Songs
  • Recipes
  • etc...

Using the LingQ reader, you can translate words and phrases in real-time.

Move on to the next page and review what you just learned to help it stick.

Any questions about what you're reading? Get answers from our community.

LingQ tracks everything you do so you can see that a breakthrough is just a matter of time.

LingQ's machine learning system tracks which words you know and which words you are learning so we can always tailor your learning content to drive continuous growth.

LingQ conveniently syncs and manages everything so you can just concentrate on learning.

With the right approach you can learn to speak another language fluently and, even better, you can enjoy the journey!

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Steve Kaufmann

Co-fondateur de LingQ & polyglotte

Un contenu captivant a toujours été la clé de mon apprentissage des langues. Cependant, il m'a fallu 45 ans pour apprendre 9 langues de manière traditionnelle mais seulement 10 ans pour en apprendre 7 de plus avec LingQ.

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