Prepositions - Προθέσεις

Prepositions (pro’thesis) are single form words that introduce nouns, pronouns, adverbs or phrases and they show place, time, manner, cause or purpose. The word that immediately follows a preposition will either be in the genitive or accusative case.

από (from), σε (to), για (for), με (with), προς (towards), παρά (even though), σαν (like, similar), ως (up to), μέχρι (until), δίχως / χωρίς (without).υπέρ (in favor), εναντίον (against), εξαιτίας / λόγω (because of), μεταξύ (among), αντί (instead).κατά (against, according to).

Πηγαίνω προς το σπίτι μου (I am going towards my house).
Είμαι υπέρ της ελευθερίας του λόγου (I am in favor of free speech).