Conjunctions - Συνδεσμοι

Conjunctions (‘sinδesmi) are single-form words that are used to connect words or phrases. The Greek language has two kinds of conjunctions: coordinating and subordinating. Note that their meaning and use is slightly different than their English counterparts.

Coordinating: they connect phrases or words that are the same.Subordinating: they connect a main phrase with a secondary phrase or phrases.
Και (and), αλλά (but), όμως (however), ούτε (neither), ή (or), δηλαδή (meaning), λοιπόν (well), άρα (therefore), είτε (either).Ότι (that), πως (that, how), που (where), μην (not), μήπως (maybe), όταν (when), μόλις (when), πριν (before), αφού (after), καθώς (meanwhile, as), μέχρι (until), Ώσπου (until), ενώ (while), γιατί (because), επειδή (because), αφού (because), αν (if), άμα (if), εάν (if), αν και (even though), μολονότι (even though) Για να (so that, to), ώστε (so that).


Mου αρέσει η σοκολάτα και η βανίλια (I like chocolate and vanilla).
Δεν ξέρω τι να κάνω αν βρέξει (I don’t know what to do if it rains).