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  • Leistungsstarke Importmaschine

    Importiere deinen eigenen Inhalt und wandle ihn sofort in interaktive greek Lektionen um. YouTube Videos, Bücher, Lieder und vieles mehr können bequem an einem Ort verwaltet und auf mehreren Geräten synchronisiert werden.

  • Versatile greek Dictionary Sources

    Look up and save new words and phrases to your database. The LingQ Dictionary contains over 8 million translations and LingQ also integrates with many of the most popular greek dictionaries available.

  • Im Kontext lernen

    Lern dein neues greek Vokabular im Kontext oder wiederhole es mit unserem SRS (Spaced Repetition System).

Hast du Fragen zur greek Grammatik?

Hol dir bei unserem Griechisch Grammatik-Leitfaden sofort Hilfe. Oder sieh dir die vielen großartigen Einträge unseres Lern Griechisch-Blogs an.

Verwaltet dein Audio und halte alles fest, was du machst

LingQ, The Best Way to Learn Griechisch online

Verwende die Playlist, um deine Audiodateien zu verwalten und deine Lektionen an der Stelle abzuspielen, wo du aufgehört hast. Wann und wo immer du möchtest, online oder offline, LingQ ist synchronisiert und bereit.

Learn Griechisch words using LingQ

Halte alles, was du machst, fest und messe deinen Fortschritt. Der Machine Learning Algorithmus von LinQ lernt zeitgleich mit dir mit, um deinen Fortschritt lenken.

Interaktion in der LingQ Community

Registriere dich für Live-Gespräche, lass deine Texte korrigieren oder stell einfach Kontakt mit anderen Lernenden her. Poste in unserem Griechisch Forum und bekomme von unserer Community aus Tutoren und Lernenden Antworten. Erwecke deine Sprache zum Leben.

Virtual Immersion using LingQ

LingQ is the best way to learn greek for mainly two reasons:

  • A vast library of graded, relevant, authentic content & the ability to import interesting content of your own

    A super efficient system for learning from this content

LingQ’s massive audio library brings immersion to you, thanks to an infinite amount of audio content for you to consume — all with transcript.

LingQ also allows you to learn using content YOU love. Whether you’re interested in podcasts, blogs, movies, or anything in between, LingQ will keep all your content stored in one place and available across devices.

Best of all, the content you’ll find in LingQ has been created by native greek speakers, for native greek speakers. Learning from authentic material on subjects of interest will keep you motivated and make you successful. You will just get lost in the content and won’t even realize you’re learning a language.

Once it’s no longer work but play, you will learn by leaps and bounds.

Traditional Methods Don’t Work

Many methods try to get you to speak early when you actually don’t know anything. What’s the point of speaking if you can’t understand what people say back to you?

When you understand FIRST, you’ll improve a lot faster. You’ll have better pronunciation, speak more naturally and memorize words faster than any other method. And, you’ll be able to focus on putting your thoughts together without straining to understand at the same time.

Another issue in traditional language learning methods is that they introduce complex grammar rules right away. Trying to remember grammar rules on top of greek only adds confusion. Grammar rules only make sense once you already speak the language. Before then, they just act as a filter which reduces natural language fluency.

Babies don’t pick up a dictionary, study grammar rules and start speaking from day one. Why should you?

Inspired by how children learn languages…LingQ uses the principles of the comprehensible input theory of language acquisition to ensure mastery in a second language in minimal time.

  • That’s why LingQ focuses on input first, output later.

Taking the Mystery out of Language Learning

The brain acquires language best when it is immersed in meaningful, relevant and interesting content. This “input flood” is the most effective way to accelerate language acquisition and achieve proficiency. Without a lot of exposure, fluency simply isn’t possible.

LingQ always finds you content just above your level so that you’re never overwhelmed by new words — but you’re also never bored out of your mind reading children’s stories.

The LingQ reader keeps a database of and highlights every word you know and every word you’re learning. This makes reading a book, that was once a seemingly overwhelming task, a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Stay Motivated

Most language apps become repetitive quickly. And before you know it, you’re bored and looking for the next best thing or, worse, discouraged from continuing to learn languages at all.

Language learning should be enjoyable! Learn from an unlimited amount of engaging content — the novelty never wears off.

  • That’s why LingQ focuses on input first, output later.

Does LingQ Actually Work?

  • There are millions of people in this world, who moved to another country, and lived there for 10 years but…they still can’t speak the local language.

    Shocking, isn’t it?

Whether you’re getting ready to move abroad, attending a university class, or thinking about using LingQ, the biggest factor in you becoming fluent is…YOU!

You need to stay motivated, you need to discover content you love and you need to put in the time.

LingQ addresses all of these factors.

It lets you access an enormous amount of content in your target language and saves you time so you can focus on studying, both of which help you stay motivated.

LingQ is the best way to learn greek and we guarantee, you’ll make a breakthrough.


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