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LingQ Academy Week 5: The Students Become the Teachers

Who better to ask for feedback on LingQ’s current onboarding flow than our users? And we happen have a group of highly engaged and motivated users right here in the office: our awesome LingQ Academy students!
Week five saw Emily, Tamás and Hanna create new LingQ accounts and pay close attention to the way we onboard users. Onboarding is the process websites and apps use to increase the chance that a visitor will be successful on their site. The LingQ onboarding flow includes, popups, tutorial videos, emails and design features that help users get to know the system, and hopefully see how they can use it to reach their language learning goals.
We always want to add more value to our users, and so the LingQ system has become more diverse over the years. This makes it more difficult to show new users around, so we got our students to put themselves in the position of a new user once more and give us some tips on how to make the process simple and more user friendly.  
They were very honest (like bullet to the heart honest, haha!), which we appreciate. Here are some of the super helpful points they raised:
– Popups should more clearly point to where to go or what to do next
– The benefits of LingQ should be emphasized more on the home page
– Not only beginners should see the LingQ 101 course upon signup
– Users should be rewarded more when they achieve something for the first time
– More direction is needed when navigating out of a lesson for the first time
– The tutorial video needs to be more noticeable on the home page
Phew! Don’t hold back guys! We’ll get to work on improving the onboarding process for new users in time for the new version. It’s coming soon! Check out each student’s full post on onboarding on their Medium blogs, and don’t forget to follow them:


LingQ Classical Version Onboarding Analysis From a Student’s Point of View


How to Make a Great Date with New Users


Looking at the Onboarding Process as a User

As well as testing and writing about onboarding, Hanna, Emily and Tamás kept working on their pronunciation. Each week they record themselves reading a paragraph from the novel their reading and put it up on the Exchange Home on LingQ for pronunciation correction.
They then went over the sounds they had issues pronouncing with Steve. Check out the video:

The articles last week focussed on social media so Tamás, Hanna and Emily can prepare for their next challenge: building a presence on Twitter (we’ll let you know what their Twitter handles as soon as they crate them). Check them out on LingQ:
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And don’t forget to keep up with what our students are up to on the LingQ Academy Live YouTube channel.

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