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The Best Way to Learn Italian on Your Own

You already know how much faster learning Italian is when you immerse yourself in the environment. The constant interaction in supermarkets, shops, cinemas, along with advertisements and TV, is a great way to practice.

But what happens if you’re stuck at home and unable to go abroad? Is immersion still possible?

The answer. Yes!

All you need are two things, motivation and an internet connection.

In this post, I’ll teach you how you can study Italian on your own in the comfort of your own home.

Learn Italian online at LingQ

Using social media 

Social media also allow you to get in touch with other learners, language communities, and native Italian speakers.

For example, if you use Twitter, you can look up some Italian hashtags such as #italiano #italianwords #learnitalian #imparalitaliano to discover tweets in Italian. Make sure to read them outloud and write them down for review 🙂

Instagram is another great platform to improve your Italian. Just like Twitter, you can navigate Instagram by using hashtags like #learnitalian #learnitalianwithme #learnitalianonline. Follow other Italian Instagrammers and be sure to read up on their posts. If you want to go the extra mile, leave a comment (in Italian of course).

Do this everyday and you’re Italian will improve. Not to mention, you may make a few new friends as well!

Italian podcasts and audiobooks

Italian pronunciation can be a tricky, especially if your native language is English. That’s why listening is so important, it helps you hear how words are pronounced and familiarizes you with the language.

Italian podcasts and audiobooks are great to listen to, especially if the content is interesting and are somewhat comprehensible to you (if not, go for more beginner material). Not to mention, you can carry on with your daily activities as you have your podcasts playing in the background.  

They are categorized by level so you can choose the one you feel more confident with. News are another great resource you can put on as a background during your commute.

If the material you’re listening to comes with transcripts, you can import everything (audio and text) into LingQ and keep all your Italian study material conveniently stored in one place.

Learn Italian online at LingQ

After your content has been imported, you will have a brand new lesson where you can listen to the audio, read the transcript, look up new words, and so much more. It’s convenient, intuitive and lets you study anytime, anywhere (on iOS and Android).

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Binge some shows on Netflix or YouTube

Watching Italian TV shows are a great way for you to absorb the language. Learn the accents, the gestures, and much more while enjoying a program on YouTube or Netflix.

If you can watch TV shows with Italian subtitles, that’s even better. If you find that the dialogue is too fast, you can pause and read the sentence to help you understand what’s being said.

Not only that, if you are watching Italian content on YouTube, you can easily import your favorite videos into LingQ and create interactive lessons. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provide a simple solution for looking up new words or phrases, saving them, and allowing you to review. But LingQ does 🙂

Learn Italian on the LingQ mobile app

For more information about how to import YouTube content into LingQ, check out this post: Italian YouTubers Who Can Help You Learn the Language

Search the internet, in Italian

A great way to immerse yourself in Italian is to use the internet the same ways Italians do. Everything you search for on a regular basis should be searched using Italian…not English. You can easily browse through fashion blogs, sports articles, and news in Italian and start practicing.

For example, I love cooking and when I start learning a language, I will look up recipes in said language and start cooking. Not only does this help me learn new vocabulary, it also makes studying enjoyable and gives me a reason to learn!

As you can see, the best way to learn Italian on your own is to simply hit the search button on Google, Yahoo, or whatever and start exploring.

There’s so much great Italian content out there on the web today that you’ll never run out. And best of all, all that content can be easily stored into LingQ so you don’t waste time hunting down pages you once viewed, opening dictionaries in other tabs, and saving new words, phrases. Give it a try today and start your journey to fluency.

Enjoyed this post? Check out polyglot and LingQ cofounder Steve Kaufmann’s YouTube video on how he learned Italian!

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