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Language Learning with Netflix and LingQ

Learning a new language takes time and effort…that’s why the more fun you have doing it, the more motivated you’ll become and the faster you’ll learn.

We all have fun watching Netflix, right? So why not use that to learn a new language?

Thanks to LingQ’s import feature, you can import your favorite Netflix shows and create interactive lessons. 

LingQ will instantly import the dialogue allowing you to save new words and phrases, look up definitions instantly, review (using SRS), and grow your vocabulary (things you can’t do on Netflix alone). 

Language Learning with Netflix: The How

Just as you would import content from YouTube, Netflix follows the same steps:

Download the LingQ Import extension

Load your favorite Netflix show

Click the LingQ Import extension icon in your browser’s toolbar.

Choose your target language

Click “Import”

That’s it!

Here’s what a lesson on LingQ looks like:
And here’s the same lesson on LingQ’s mobile device (available for iOS and Android):
Pretty awesome right? You can take your lessons anywhere you go and add extra study time to your schedule. Remember, the more you read, the faster you’ll learn…and LingQ makes reading content a breeze.

If you’d like to watch our video tutorial, click here.

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