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Italian YouTubers Who Can Help You Learn the Language

In case you have been living under a rock ;), YouTubers are people who post videos of themselves on the social platform YouTube. They host channels where they usually focus on what they find interesting themselves. Following YouTubers is a great way to learn a variety of different topics. Even better, if you’re learning a new language, say Italian, you can follow Italian YouTubers. For this post, I’ll go over my subjective list of the best Italian YouTubers, whose channels will help you improve your language skills.

Italian YouTubers We Recommend


ClioMakeUp is a YouTuber who teaches you on her channel how to make yourself prettier with makeup. Her real name is Clio Zammatteo and she records tutorials, posts reviews and gives advice. The author isn’t only a famous YouTube influencer but also a respected makeup artist. She’s had her own TV program, has written two books about makeup and a novel. This year she has launched her own line of cosmetics “ClioMakeUp”.


Favij is a young YouTuber who’s been running one of the most popular YouTube channels for quite a while. In his channel description he says that he has more followers than hair. In his videos he plays computer games and comments on them. He also posts other hilarious content. As an important YouTube personality he often appears in videos of other YouTubers. Check him out, if you want to learn more about what’s on mind of young Italians.  


Karim Musa is the man behind the YouTube channel Yotobi. It’s a good Italian learning tool for anyone interested in pop culture. Karim makes fun of everyone and everything but is far from being a hater. He speaks very clearly and it’s easy to understand him.  

Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno is an entrepreneur with an extremely popular Italian YouTube channel. He focuses on new technological trends and very useful life hacks. Marco has a lot of counterintuitive ideas and will surprise you with his resourcefulness. He also interviews interesting people, mostly from the field of self-development. There’s some content in English but the vast majority of his videos are in Italian.

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Il Goloso Mangiar Sano

This YouTube channel will give you healthy cooking ideas, at the same time helping you to improve your Italian. The videos are uploaded often and the host speaks very clearly. Watching this channel is a great way to practice your food related vocabulary before a trip to Italy.  

Ilenia Zodiaco

If you love books, this is a perfect channel for you. Ilenia talks mostly about her favorite books and recommendations for reading. You’ll also find some videos commenting on social trends and movies. She speaks quite fast so initially, it can be a bit challenging to understand her. Seeing that many Italians speak at her pace, however, it’s a challenge you should accept.  

Mi prendo e mi porto via

Elisa and Luca are two Italian YouTubers who share their love for travelling and each other on their YouTube channel. They help their audience make wise choices by giving them tips including some about travelling with children. They also post videos from their numerous travels. Be careful: the couple’s good energy is contagious.

Passione Yoga

Are you a spiritual person who loves yoga and is fascinated by Eastern concepts? This channel will be perfect for you. Shanti Brancolini shares her passion for the art of yoga and a balanced life. There are many videos for you to choose from and the hosts’ gentle voices will calm your nerves.


Another extremely popular YouTuber who focuses on gaming. He’s often mentioned among the 10 most viewed influencers on YouTube in Italy. In the format well-known to gamers, he plays games and comments on what’s happening on the screen. The videos are uploaded very often and recorded in his crazy looking room, which feels like a part of the games he plays.


The author of this channel regularly uploads funny videos with her as the main character. There’s not that much talking in most of them, which allows you to really focus on what is being said. Her channel can also serve as good language learning motivation, seeing that this YouTuber was born in France.

Casa surace

This project has been put together by a group of friends. Their funny observations about life and customs of Southern Italy (and not only) make it a wonderful pastime. The Italian you’re going to hear is at times challenging but fortunately many videos have subtitles, which will help you with understanding.

Watching Italian YouTubers is a good idea for all students as it helps you to get used to the sound of the language and its variations. Keep in mind, the YouTubers mentioned above are geared towards intermediate. 

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Learn from Italian YouTubers Using LingQ

If you find the channels mentioned above are a bit too difficult to follow, you can import their videos and learn Italian using LingQ. LingQ will allow you to listen to the audio and go through the transcript at your own pace.

First, you’ll need to download the LingQ extension for the browser you’re using. Then, find a YouTube video you want to import, click the extension, and LingQ will import the transcript, audio, and video. Please note, the YouTube video must have closed captions enabled. For a full guide on how to import content from YouTube into LingQ, check out this post here.

Once you’re finished importing, your lesson will be ready and should look something like this:

Learn Italian online with the LingQ app

LingQ’s language learning apps are available for both Android and iOS. Take your lessons on the go and study anytime, anywhere. Good luck.

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