[Vancouver, Canada] — Today, September 8, marks Independence Day in North Macedonia and LingQ is pleased to announce the addition of Macedonian to its ever-growing list of languages, increasing the number of languages available on the platform to 46.

Language App LingQ Releases Macedonian

LingQ's innovative approach to language learning combines interactive lessons, personalized vocabulary tools, and a community of engaged native speakers for a comprehensive, immersive experience. Learners will have the opportunity to gain proficiency in reading, listening, speaking, and the Cyrillic writing system Macedonian uses.

As with all languages on LingQ, Macedonian learners will be able to create lessons from content of interest in Macedonian that they find online with the LingQ Importer browser extension. There are also lessons in the LingQ Macedonian Library on a broad range of topics and the comprehensive LingQ Mini Stories course, which can take learners from beginner to intermediate level in the language.

Macedonian is a Slavic language spoken by around two million people in the Republic of North Macedonia and the diaspora, which includes large communities in Australia, Canada and the USA.

"Every language is a treasure, regardless of the number of speakers," said LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann. "LingQ is pleased to add Macedonian, our seventh language from South Eastern Europe. We hope to continue adding to the list of languages people can learn at LingQ."

The Macedonian language course is available on LingQ's website and app starting today.

For more information, visit https://www.lingq.com/.

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