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GCSE Latin 2017, Virgil Aeneid 1, 1. Aeneid 1 180-193, Icebreaker 1

1. Aeneid 1 180-193, Icebreaker 1

180 Interea Aeneas conscendit scopulum,

181 et petit omnem prospectum

late pelago,

182 si videat quem Anthea

iactatum vento,

que Phrygias biremes,

aut Capyn,

183 aut arma Caici

in celsis puppibus.

184 nullam navem

in conspectu prospicit

tres cervos errantes litore:

185 hos tota armenta

sequuntur a tergo;

186 et longum per valles agmen pascitur.

187 constitit hic,

-que corripuit manu

187 arcum que celeres sagittas,

188 quae tela

fidus Achates gerebat;

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1. Aeneid 1 180-193, Icebreaker 1

180  Interea Aeneas conscendit scopulum, Meanwhile Aeneas board 180 reef;

181  et petit omnem prospectum 181 and ask a whole view

late pelago, and wide;

182  si videat quem Anthea 182 if it sees that Anetheus

iactatum vento, buffeted by the wind;

que Phrygias biremes, which is the Phrygian wives of the small galleys,

aut Capyn, , or of Capys,

183  aut arma Caici 183 or weapons Caicis

in celsis puppibus. In the high stern.

184  nullam navem 184 relay board

in conspectu prospicit before he foresees

tres cervos errantes litore: three stags wandering on the beach;

185  hos tota armenta 185, the whole herd

sequuntur a tergo; follow the road at the back;

186  et longum per valles 186 and long through valleys agmen pascitur. is fed by the rear.

187  constitit hic, 187 stopped here

-que corripuit manu -que interfered with his hand

187  arcum que celeres sagittas, 187 quickly bow and arrow

188  quae tela 188 arms

fidus Achates gerebat; Achates wore;

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