GCSE Latin 2017, Virgil Aeneid 1, 1. Aeneid 1 180-193, Icebreaker 2

1. Aeneid 1 180-193, Icebreaker 2

189 que primum ductores ipsos

ferentes capita alta

arboreis cornibus,

sternit ,

190 tum vulgus,

et agens telis

miscet omnem turbam

191 inter frondea nemora.

192 nec absistit

prius quam victor

193 fundat humi

septem ingentia corpora.

193 et aequet numerum cum navibus.

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1. Aeneid 1 180-193, Icebreaker 2

189  que primum ductores ipsos 189 for the first time that the leaders

ferentes capita alta Unable heads high

arboreis cornibus, branching horns;

sternit , opens

190  tum vulgus,

et agens telis and darts

miscet omnem turbam it mixes up all the people

191  inter frondea nemora.

192  nec absistit

prius quam victor prior to the victor,

193  fundat humi

septem ingentia corpora. seven huge bodies.

193  et aequet numerum cum navibus.


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