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Using the LingQ Lessons Page

The Lessons page is where I find interesting content to learn from.
The first thing I do is make sure my level is set correctly in the Lesson Feed tab. I think I’m around a Beginner 2, so I choose Beginner 1, 2 and Intermediate 1. It’s always a good idea to choose the level you think you’re at, the level below it, and the level above.
Don’t worry too much about your level. Over time you’ll find out which lessons suit you best. It’s also a good idea to change the level of your lessons so that sometimes you’re really challenging your brain, and other times you’re working more on fluency by studying lessons that are slightly easy for you.
I scroll through the lessons in my Feed. These are lessons that other LingQ members are studying and liking. When I see an interesting lesson, I click to open it.
When I next return to the Lessons page, I’ll find this lesson in my Recent Lessons, at the top of the page, where I can see the four most recent lessons I’ve studied. At any time, I can also see all my lessons in the My Lessons tab.
Now, let’s say I’m looking for lessons with a specific accent or on a specific topic. I want to find lessons in British English, so I go to the Lesson Library tab and search “British”.
The Lesson Library is huge, so the best way to find specific lessons is by searching. To make results more specific, I select to show only lessons at my level. I can also sort by Likes to find the most popular lessons.
As you scroll through lessons either in the Library or Feed, I can save any lessons that look interesting. I don’t have to open them now, I can just save them and find them later in My Lessons.
Take advantage of the huge Lesson Library on LingQ to learn from content you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you will stay with it and achieve your goals.
Happy LingQing!

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