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Smash Your Language Listening Goals with These Tips

Listening goals seem to be the hardest to meet, especially for those of us in 90-Day Challenges. I get it, it’s hard to find the time to get those listening hours in. That’s why I want to share some resources with you and show you an awesome LingQ feature that makes hitting your listening targets possible.


Hi guys, Jahrine from the LingQ team here. I hope everyone’s meeting their language learning targets, especially those of you in a 90-Day Challenge.
I’m going to announce this week’s winner of one month’s premium membership at LingQ at the end of the video. If you want to know how you can be a winner, please take a look in the description. But first I want to talk to you guys about listening. We’ve looked in to it, and it’s definitely a target that challengers struggle to meet. I’m in a 90-Day Swedish Challenge right now and I am definitely struggling to meet my listening target.
So I’m going to share some resources with you guys at the end of the video also, but first I want to talk to you about the LingQ Playlist. It’s a great way to really get those listening hours in. So here’s a quick tutorial.
So here is my playlist on LingQ right now. As you can see, it’s full of Swedish lessons, thats because I’m in the middle of a 90-Day Swedish Challenge. So to add lessons to my playlist, I take a look in My Courses and open the first course that I’m working on. As you can see, this first lesson has already been added to my playlist, but the second, third and fourth I’d like to add, so I click the plus symbol in each one. And then if I go to my playlist, I can see that they now appear at the bottom.
I can also reorder and remove lessons as I go. It’s a great idea to do this. Once you’re finished with a lesson, just get it out of there. So to do that, simply click on the lesson and click “remove”. And reordering is as simple as dragging and placing the lesson where you want it to be.
So it’s a great resource, especially because you don’t have to download the lessons. They’re right there in your playlist, you can study when you’re on the bus to work, when you’re walking the dog, whenever you can find the time. It’s an easy way to get those listening hours in and meet your targets. 
So give the LingQ playlist a try if you haven’t already. 
Steve has created some great YouTube videos and blog posts on how to improve your listening comprehension and those will also be in the description, so check those out. At the end if this video I will leave a link to the video we recorded when the LingQ Academy students were here on how to improve your listening skills, so check that out too.
But now the winner of this week’s month premium LingQ membership… cholinguist2345 from Twitter. Congratulations. Bye guys. 

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