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Spanish Movies on Netflix

You have your coziest blanket and the popcorn is ready, and now for the hardest decision of the evening…which movie to watch?

For those of us learning a second language, why not mix it up and try a Spanish movie? I enjoy watching movies in Spanish, it helps me to distinguish and understand different accents, learn new idioms, and pick up loads of new vocabulary.
For new learners, make sure to turn on the English captions, so you can follow along. When you feel ready for a challenge, use Spanish captions, to both see and hear the dialogue. Soon, you will be amazed by how much of the movie you understand!

10 awesome Spanish movies on Netflix that you should check out tonight!


100 Meters (100 Metros)

Spanish Movies on Netflix
An inspiring movie based on the true story of a man named Ramon who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and then makes the radical decision to complete an Ironman race. This movie is based on Ramon’s book, “100 meters: Giving up is not an option”, and is the perfect blend of comedy, feels and inspiration.

Mirage (Durante la tormenta)

Spanish Movies on Netflix
This thriller, based in Spain, will have you sitting at the edge of your seat and trying to figure out what will happen next. During a thunder storm, Vera Roy and her family discover an old TV along with a Video Recorder and Cassettes in a storeroom in their house. That same night, Vera sees a boy named Nico while watching the cassettes and realizes that she can talk to him. This begins a series of events in which Vera has to both uncover an unsolved murder for 1989 and save the life of Nico and her daughter, all while travelling through time.


Spanish Movies on Netflix
This feel good animated tale is great for the whole family. And did I mention that it won an Oscar Award? While attempting to follow his dreams of becoming a musician, 12-year-old Miguel accidentally gets transported to the Land of the Dead. Through the efforts of Miguel and his ancestors, he is able to return to the Land of the Living and change his family’s ban on music.

The Distinguished Citizen (El Ciudadano Ilustre)

Spanish Movies on Netflix
After having moved to Europe decades ago, and becoming a Nobel-prize-winning author, Daniel Mantovani, the protagonist, returns to his hometown in Argentina. The result, a hilarious and feel good story about this man’s encounters with his past life, where he is considered quite the hero. The story line reflects on the differences and similarities of his hometown Argentina, to that of Europe.  Will Daniel overcome his writer’s block during his trip to Argentina? You will have to watch the movie to find out!


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Even the Rain (También la Lluvia)

Spanish Movies on Netflix
A story of a director and cast’s journey to Bolivia to create a movie highlighting the exploitation of the New World as it happened long ago. Unfortunately, the group of Spaniards are confronted with a current crisis that the Bolivian people are facing, the privatization and usage of their only water supply. The group then has to face the reality of the current situation, and begins to see similarities between the two struggles.


Set in Chile after the end of World War II, this movie follows Chilean Poet, Pablo Neruda. Pablo is on the run, pursued by a famous detective who is following government orders to suppress opposition. Find out if Pablo gets caught, or is able to escape, by watching this historically based film.

Off Course (Perdiendo el Norte)

On the search for new adventure and opportunity, two young men from Spain set out on a journey to find employment in Berlin. However, their plan does not go quite as expected, as you probably figured out by reading the title of this movie. Though light and funny, this movie does navigate the topics of underemployment, especially youth unemployment, and the language barriers and challenges that come with emigration.

Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmers en la Nieve)

After attending her estranged father’s funeral, Clarence finds secret information in a journal entry that she cannot ignore. This movie follows Clarence as she journeys to discover the secrets of her family. Simultaneously, the movie tells the story of her father and uncle, who lived and worked as one of the Spanish colonialist families who harvested cocoa in Africa.

Holy Camp (La Llamada)

A tale of two teenage girls who meet at a Catholic summer camp, and who discover their shared love for music. Their rebellions ways clash with the rules and order of the camp, which makes for a comedic and relatable teenage drama story.

The Last Hour (La Hora Final)

A political thriller based on true events follows two Pervian detectives as they fight to find and capture the leader of Shining Path, a terrorist organization. The movie also highlights the violet and politically charged city of Lima, Peru, in 1992. Good for any viewer who likes movies with a combination of crime, history and action.

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Erica Lovely discovered her interest for Spanish language and culture in high school. Since then, she has taken her skills across the USA and abroad, volunteering in California and the Dominican Republic. She is currently studying to becoming a Spanish to English medical interpreter.

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