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Polish YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to!

Minecraft lets-plays, thirty-second cooking tutorials, language lectures or a daily fix of cuteness from cat complications – you can find almost anything on YouTube.
I can’t speak for everyone, but if I spent as much time learning languages as I do watching YouTube videos I would go from being a trilingual to a hexalingual. So why don’t we optimize our entertainment by turning it into a learning experience? 
There are Polish YouTubers making videos on most, if not all, of the above video genres. Plus, if you already watch movies in English with Polish subtitles on or with Polish audio and English subtitles – you are not only on the right track but also familiar with this near-effortless method on learning.
That is a lot of potential for expanding your vocabulary. Thankfully, no matter what your interests are, you are bound to find a topic you are passionate about on YouTube and in Polish.

Check Out These Polish YouTubers…


Krzysztof Gonciarz

Krzysztof Gonciarz is a travel and lifestyle vlogger. In addition to daily vlogs where he documents his life, his content focuses on trips abroad, country profiles, different cultures, photography and video production.
With nearly one million subscribers, it is safe to say Krzysztof deserves a spot on the list. Best of all? He has a 12-video playlist on his channel with vlogs in English and all of his remaining videos have Polish subtitles. If that wasn’t enough, you have the option to auto-translate the Polish subtitles to English without leaving the video.

Join him on his journey around the world, get a glimpse of life in Poland and improve your Polish by checking out his channel. 


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Agnieszka Grzelak Beauty

Agnieszka Grzelak Beauty is a Polish beauty guru with over a million subscribers.
Agnieszka tests out skincare products, creates makeup looks, and posts her humour-filled content every Friday. Her makeup tutorials include Halloween looks and costume ideas – she has over 60 halloween makeup tutorials! So if you are looking for inspiration for Halloween this year, her channel might be worth checking out.
Still not convinced? Her Polish videos include subtitles in Polish and English, which essentially means there is no excuse not to stop by her channel. I highly recommend playing one of her videos with English subtitles and then playing it back with Polish subtitles. We all know the key to learning any language is repetition!


SciFun, as the name indicates, is a channel about science, lesser known facts and cool experiments.
If you are curious about space, sound waves, levitation or balloon experiments, SciFun is a fun place to start (pun intended!). All the videos are in Polish, and though most of the videos do not have captions available, the recorded experiments are still a good way to spend some time getting acquainted with the sound of the Polish language.
Pick a video, watch, listen and try to figure out what it is all about. It is a good exercise! If you need extra help, feel free to use LingQ to help breakdown the videos. 

Bez Planu

Bez Planu or Without a Plan is a travel vlog channel that features informative videos about Spain, Venezuela, Chile and road tripping across Thailand, Vietnam and Laos – to name a few.
All of the videos are in Polish but contain English subtitles and so will not only satisfy your wanderlust but also enable you to listen to casual and common words and phrases in Polish while being able to see what they mean in English as well. 

Want more recommendations? Here are a few more noteworthy Polish YouTubers:

Mówiąc Inaczej – Paulina Mikuła will teach you all about the beauty of the Polish language, including grammar and proper pronunciation. 
Billie Sparrow – with most videos under 10 minutes, listen to a Polish girl share her thoughts on  life, social pressures, body positivity, studies and some much more in casual Polish. 
Historia Bez Cenzury – with over a million subscribers, this youTube channel is about history and events of the past described in a fun, honest way, and as the name suggests – without any censorship. 
Mietczynski – Bartek reviews books and movies, his Polish is clear and depending on your level, is generally considered easy for foreigners to understand. If you want to join a digital book club, this is one way to do it!
Kocham Gotować – Piotr Ogiński and his incredibly popular culinary channel will not only introduce you to new Polish words but mouthwatering dishes popular among the Poles!
Arlena Witt – Arlena uses her platform to teach poles English, however, all of her videos have Polish subtitles, which makes the reverse possible as well. 

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Immersing yourself in Polish doesn’t require you to travel abroad or sign up for an expensive language program.
However, it can be a bit tiresome to find interesting content, go back and forth between sites, use different dictionaries to look up words, and so on.
That’s why there’s LingQ. A language app that helps you discover and learn Polish from content you love.
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You can import videos from the Polish YouTubers listed above, podcasts, and much more and turn them into interactive lessons.
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