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There’s a Better Way to Pass the TOEIC Test

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test is a popular and recognized way of assessing English language proficiency, primarily used in the context of international business and professional settings. The TOEIC test evaluates English language skills in listening and reading.

The listening section assesses your ability to understand spoken English in various contexts, such as business meetings, conversations, and announcements.

For the reading section, you’ll be tested on your ability to understand written English, including passages related to work-related topics, such as business correspondence, reports, and advertisements.

Why You Should Take the TOEIC Test

To be clear, at LingQ, we don’t believe tests are necessary. Some of the internet’s most famous “language influencers,” who have reached a high level of proficiency in their target languages, have never taken a test.

However, we also believe that doing what works for you is important when learning a language.

If you want to take the TOEIC, then go for it! In fact, there are several good reasons why you should.

Employment Opportunities

Proficiency in English is often a prerequisite for employment, especially in multinational corporations, international companies, and industries where interaction with English-speaking clients or partners is common. Many employers in these sectors use TOEIC scores as a criterion for hiring, promotion, and determining salary levels.

Educational Opportunities

Achieving a high score on the TOEIC test can enhance your academic prospects, including admission to universities, graduate programs, and study abroad opportunities.

It’s Motivating

When there isn’t a clear goal, it’s easy to question your effort and consider giving up early. Setting a goal to pass the TOEIC with a high score is an excellent way to stay motivated.

How to Pass the TOEIC Test

ETS, the company that created the TOEIC test back in the 1970s, states that one of the best ways to prepare for the TOEIC test is to immerse yourself in English as frequently as possible and in as many ways as possible.

To successfully immerse yourself in the English language, you can engage in a variety of activities:

Reading: Diversifying your reading materials, including books, news articles, podcast transcripts, and song lyrics, exposes you to different styles of written English. This helps improve your vocabulary, comprehension skills, and familiarity with English grammar and syntax.

Listening: Actively listening to various forms of English-language content, such as music, podcasts, and watching television shows or movies, enhances your auditory comprehension skills. Exposure to different accents, speech patterns, and colloquial expressions found in authentic spoken English contributes to overall language proficiency.

Remember, the TOEIC test reflects real-life situations, so use real English content to prepare.

Why Use LingQ to Pass the TOEIC Test

Imagine a tool that allows you to gather your favorite English content from across the internet. Picture being able to quickly look up the meanings of words and phrases, all while tracking your progress. Such a tool would make learning English more enjoyable and fast-track your preparation for the TOEIC exam.

Enter LingQ. With LingQ, you’ll gain instant access to an extensive library of English content, including articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more.

We mentioned earlier that you should do what works for you. LingQ’s diverse range of topics and genres matches your interests and learning preferences.

What’s even better is that you have the flexibility to import content and create personalized lessons.

LingQ empowers you to effortlessly look up unfamiliar words, save new vocabulary, and revisit encountered words, thereby solidifying your understanding over time.

Compared to TOEIC textbooks and other English preperation materials, LingQ provides you with unlimited content to help you improve your English and pass the TOEIC test.

How to Use LingQ

Remember what ETS said about passing the TOEIC? Immerse yourself in English as frequently as possible and in as many ways as possible.

With that in mind, the most effective way to use LingQ to pass the TOEIC is to read and listen to content you love—as much as possible.

If you’re looking for a more strategic approach to passing the test, you could focus on content related to the workplace. This may include:

Watching TV shows such as “The Office” and “Spin City” can be enjoyable and beneficial for improving your English skills. If you’re looking to challenge yourself further, consider watching shows like “Billions” and “Suits.”

For listening practice, “Learn with Business English Pod” offers straightforward podcasts featuring common workplace situations. Additionally, “All Ears English” provides more natural-sounding dialogues covering a wide range of topics.

To enhance your reading skills, “Breaking News English” is an excellent resource, offering articles on both workplace situations and world events at various difficulty levels. For advanced readers, exploring the business sections of websites such as The Economist and The New York Times can be highly beneficial.

Furthermore, you can find a wealth of similar content and much more in LingQ’s English library.

Navigating the English LingQ Library

LingQ’s English library is structured similarly to Netflix, with shelves for different topics containing a variety of lessons.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend the LingQ Mini-Stories or guided courses, designed to introduce important language patterns and verbs.

If your English is intermediate or advanced, check out trending lessons or new additions. Use the search function to find lessons on specific topics.

Don’t forget that you can also import your own content or create custom lessons. For a full breakdown on how to import, please go here.

Starting a New Lesson

The LingQ reader is the best language learning reader out there.

LingQ comes equipped with a wide range of features, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll only focus on the most important ones.

In LingQ, when you start a new lesson, new words are highlighted in blue.

Click on a blue word to look up and select its meaning, which will turn the word yellow.

As you read and listen more, you’ll start to understand the yellow words. When you do, click them again and mark them as known.

Try to create as many LingQs as you can. The more you read and listen, the more known words you’ll have.

Having many known words increases your chances of passing the TOEIC test.

TOEICKnown Words on LingQWords Read on LingQListening Hours on LingQ
These are estimates.

Final Thoughts

Taking the TOEIC can open doors to employment and educational opportunities. The best way to pass the TOEIC is to immerse yourself in real English content, engaging extensively in reading and listening activities.

LingQ offers a wealth of authentic English content and features to aid in TOEIC preparation. By creating LingQs and exploring diverse content, you will enhance your English comprehension and improve your chances of success on the TOEIC exam.

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