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Learn Portuguese by Listening to These Brazilian Podcasts

Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and learning it can open doors to a new culture, group of people, and way of life. It can be challenging to learn Portuguese though, so it’s important to find a great app to use that can help you overcome the challenges you’ll face. 


Most apps can help you learn the basics of the language, but to really achieve a high level of fluency, it’s important to immerse yourself in Portuguese whenever you can. An app like LingQ can help you do exactly that. 


Watching and listening to native speakers not only helps you expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar, but it also helps you communicate more naturally.

Learn Portuguese by Listening to These Brazilian Podcasts

There’s a lot of Brazilian Portuguese content on the internet, and one of the best types of content for learning the language is podcasts. They continue to grow in popularity and more and more creators are covering an increasing list of topics. 


Some podcasts also offer transcripts to help you follow along more easily. These can be super helpful as you’re listening, and you can actually use the transcripts to create your own custom lessons in LingQ! 


The Best Podcasts to Learn Portuguese 


RFI is a news company that produces content in a lot of different languages, including Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to news, it also offers a huge selection of podcasts in Portuguese that cover topics like culture, economics, sports, and health. Best of all, the podcast episodes have a transcript! 

Learn Portuguese by Listening to These Brazilian Podcasts

This podcast is of course great for learning the language, but it can also help you learn more about the Brazilian people and how they see the world. The episodes are a great resource for more intermediate and advanced students, although anyone can benefit from listening and following along. The episodes are entertaining and you’ll learn a lot of useful information, too! </body>


Tá Falado

If you’re more focused on improving your Portuguese pronunciation and grammar, Tá Falado is the perfect podcast for you. The University of Texas at Austin produces the podcast, and there are about 45 different lessons that cover topics specifically designed for Brazilian Portuguese learners. 

Some lessons focus on the pronunciation of specific letters and letter combinations and others go in depth about difficult grammar topics, like verb tenses, direct and indirect pronouns, and word order. You can easily download every episode along with its transcript directly on the website. Because it’s produced by a university, you can count on this podcast being really helpful!</body>

Learn Portuguese with the LingQ podcast

Fala, Gringo!

Fala, Gringo! is a podcast made especially for Brazilian Portuguese learners. It currently has three seasons and the transcripts of the first season are available for free. This podcast is focused more on conversational topics and it’s great for picking up colloquial expressions. Leni, the host of the podcast, discusses topics like Carnaval, Brazilian cinema, and what it’s like to live in Brazil. 

Learn Portuguese by Listening to These Brazilian Podcasts

Because this podcast is for Portuguese learners, it can be useful no matter what your level is. The topics covered are probably best for intermediate speakers who are looking to increase their listening comprehension and start learning more advanced vocabulary and interesting Brazilian sayings though.


Importing Brazilian Podcasts into LingQ

After you take a look at these podcasts and find one you like, it’s super easy to import them into LingQ and make a complete language learning lesson out of them. The cool thing is that you’re not limited to these podcasts when it comes to creating lessons in LingQ – you can import anything with a transcript or closed captions! You can also import content using your mobile device or desktop.


All you need to do to start creating lessons is log in to your LingQ account and click the “+” button in the top right corner of your screen. That’ll take you straight to the page where you can import your content.

Import Portuguese podcasts into LingQ

Once you’re there, you can add a title, image, and tags to your lesson. You can also copy and paste the transcript into the text box and either upload the audio of the podcast or copy and paste the link to the audio. 

And that’s it! Make sure you save your lesson after you’ve added all the information, then you’re ready to go. Creating your own lessons is a simple and straightforward process, and it doesn’t take much time at all. If you want to learn more about importing content to LingQ, you can also check out the complete guide.

Import Portuguese podcasts into LingQ

The content you import is available right away as a lesson – no need to wait. When you go to your new lesson, you can play the audio and follow along with the transcript in real time. You can scroll through the text while you listen, or listen to the podcast then read the text, or vice versa. You have complete control over how you want to learn the content.


LingQ automatically highlights important words and phrases in the text, and if there’s something you don’t understand, all you need to do is click the word.

Import Portuguese podcasts into LingQ

When you click a word you don’t understand, LingQ shows you the most popular definitions chosen by the LingQ community. You can also listen to the audio of this word’s pronunciation and add it to your flashcards to study later. Without much effort, you can create a huge list of useful and important vocabulary words to study whenever you want.


You’ll find a lot of lessons that have already been uploaded by the community after you set up your LingQ account. Chances are you’ll find more content on the internet that hasn’t been uploaded yet though (like especially from YouTube), and having the flexibility to create your own lessons and learn about what interests you most can really take your language learning to the next level.

Learn Portuguese online with LingQ

There are a lot of different Portuguese apps and courses you can use to learn the language, but not all of them are created equal. They usually don’t take into account what you actually want to learn and they may not help you become fluent either. 


There’s a huge amount of Portuguese content on the internet, and consuming it with LingQ can help you learn it faster, more effectively, and have you speaking like a Brazilian in no time! 

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Chad Emery is a longtime language learner and teacher from the United States. He loves hopping from one country to another and picking up as much of the local language as he can along the way!

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