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Learn Portuguese by Watching These Brazilian YouTubers

Who said that learning a new language has to be boring? What if you could learn it while having fun? That’s not only possible, but also a great idea, and this post will show you how!

We have already talked about learning Portuguese through Brazilian songs and also by watching movies and series’. Today, we will present you five famous Brazilian Youtubers that will not only help you learn Portuguese, but also make you laugh or say “wow”!

5 Brazilian YouTubers You Should Check Out

5inco Minutos
Brazilian people are well-known for their great sense of humour. It is no coincidence then that three of the five Youtube channels in this post are focused on comedy!

Kéfera Buchmann, a TV hostess, writer, singer and actress, founded the Youtube channel 5inco Minutos in 2010, which was one of the first Brazilian channels to achieve one million subscriptions. On the channel you can find humorous sketches about daily life.

26-year-old Buchmann has written three books, participated in many TV programs and launched a movie. Her parody of Anitta’s song Bang had more views than the original videoclip! It’s no wonder that in 2016 Buchmann was featured as one of the most promising Brazilian young entrepreneurs by Forbes. 

Whindersson Nunes
Whindersson Nunes has the second most popular Brazilian Youtube channel at the moment behind Kondzilla, a funk channel (I’ll spare you of that part of the Brazilian culture), with more than 30 million followers. The channel presents parodies, movie reviews and vlogs.

Whindersson Nunes comes from a poor family and the poorest region of Brazil. He started his career as a YouTuber at the age of 15, quickly becomming very popular all over Brazil. He is also an actor and does stand-up in Brazil and Portugal. One of his videos, Whindersson Nunes: Adulto, is even available on Netflix.

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Porta dos Fundos
Porta dos Fundos, meaning back door, is a Youtube channel founded by the screenwriters Fábio Porchat, Antônio Tabet and Gregório Duvivier in 2012. They started the channel because they wanted to be free of TV restrictions and freely create videos with acidic humour.

This channel is the sixth most popular Youtube channel in Brazil. One of their videos, called Fast Food, makes fun of a food franchise called Spoleto. The company ended up using the video as publicity and hiring the team to produce two more!

Porta dos Fundos became so popular that, in 2014, the TV channel FOX Brasil signed a contract with the actors to produce several TV series.

Man does not live by comedy alone, so the last two channels are more informative than humorous.

Felipe Castanhari is a 29-year-old Brazilian YouTuber, TV host, actor, blogger and graphic designer. He created the Youtube channel Nostalgia, where he talks about history, science, music and famous people.

Castanhari has been featured in several TV programs on international TV channels, such as The History Channel and MTV. He is currently producing his own original series for Netflix about the mysteries of science and history.

Você Sabia?
Daniel Molo and Lukas Marques created the last Youtube channel in our list, named Você Sabia? (meaning “Did You Know?”). As the name itself suggests, this channel cretes videos about curiosities and interesting facts on a wide range of topics, from cinema and cartoons to touristic attractions.

Você sabia? has more than 27 million subscribers, and some popular video titles include “10 people who died taking selfies”, “10 most dangerous kids in the world” and “10 funniest prison escape attempts”.


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Ivy do Carmo is a Brazilian content writer and translator whose passion has always been learning and teaching the English language.