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Korean Podcasts You Need to Check Out

Language learning entails a lot of reading and writing practice, but as a Korean instructor, I always emphasize the importance of listening and speaking practices. Listening to native conversations in movies, television, and podcasts is great for improving your listening skills. Today, I want to introduce you to five of my favourite Korean podcasts that will make your studies more enjoyable.


5 Korean Podcasts to Check Out Today

Talk to Me in Korean

Talk to Me in Korean
Talk to Me in Korean is a website that offers a variety of learning tools, including free tests and both video and audio content (which you can also find on SoundCloud and YouTube).

Learn Korean with the LingQ podcast

Their topics range from grammar lessons to casual conversations and discussions about interesting topics such as food and traveling. They accommodate various learning levels from beginner to advanced, so you can easily find one that suits your current comfort level. Keep in mind that you will have to sign up to access all their podcasts and transcripts.

Twinkling Korean

Twinkling Korean
Twinkling Korean is a YouTube podcast for people in the upper-beginner to intermediate level. This podcast offers a series of natural conversations revolving around various topics from TV shows to different places in Korea. They also offer pronunciation lessons so you can practice how to speak as well. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes.

Learn Korean online at LingQ

Importing Korean Podcasts into LingQ

These five podcasts are just a fraction of the Korean content you can find online. Don’t forget, there are Korean YouTubers, sites like Viki, and much more content you can find on the web to help with your Korean studies.

Using LingQ, you can import your favourite Korean content, like K-Pop or Dramas, and create interactive and fun lessons.

To import podcasts, simply login to your LingQ account, and click the import button on the main lesson feed.
Learn Korean on LingQ

Next, paste the transcript and upload the audio into the correct fields, then click save.

Learn Korean on LingQ

Open your lesson and start studying. Using LingQ, you can listen to the audio, look up new vocabulary, and create flashcards. Practice on your desktop or on your mobile phone. For more information about importing content into LingQ, check out our complete guide.

Importing Korean Podcasts into the LingQ mobile app


Korean Champ

Korean Champ
Korean Champ is a website created by Michael Elliot, who was once a Korean learner himself.

He has brought together a series of learning materials including audio and video podcasts to help other fellow Korean learners. The topics are organized from a learner’s perspective to be able to speak like a native from start to finish. The podcast offers a wide range of topics, from formal Korean to Korean slang vocabulary. There is also written material and transcripts for you to read. The best parts about Korean Champ are that the materials are free and you don’t need to sign up for an account to access them.


Are you feeling confident enough to listen to native level Korean conversations? Then try Podbbang; it’s a free app that provides a library of the latest native Korean podcasts. It’s a great place to challenge yourself and for you to see how far (or close) you are to everyday conversations. You can browse through a variety of topics including art, politics, sports, K-pop, movies, and health.

Let’s Learn Korean

KBS World
Let’s Learn Korean is part of the KBS World Organization. It contains dialogue that is geared to beginner learners who are planning to visit or move to Korea. The dialogue is short and the audio is clear. Each lesson comes with a transcript and translations to assist you.

Check out LingQ today to discover how to learn Korean from content you love!


Julie Yoon has been teaching Korean and English for ten years. She is currently learning French as a third language.


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