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6 Inspiring Spanish Fashion Bloggers

In this modern era it’s hard to balance your career, time with family, friends and time for yourself.

I know I find it hard. I often feel like I need some kind of guide to help me along the way. Sometimes I get lost in a search for the perfect purse or a coat, so I find it relieving to follow bloggers who are help me keep up with new trends and styles.

Luckily, most of my favourite fashion bloggers are based in Spain, so I get to improve my language skills while reading about what’s new this season.

Blogging princesas 

I love to follow fashion bloggers who will give me an insight into what’s hot this season, but also give me an honest opinion on new collections.
That’s why I follow Erea Louro and Sara Escudero. Both women started writing their blogs in 2009 and thanks to their persistence and love for fashion they quickly gained a lot of followers. Also, they often use slang in their posts, so it really helps me to learn natural Spanish quicker.

All That She Wants

6 Inspiring Spanish Fashion Bloggers

Erea Louro is an influencer and a fashion blogger. With over 121k followers on Instagram, Erea continues to wow her fans with earth-tone clothes and unique style. Her blog is called All That She Wants and she started writing in 2009. She uses her blog to express her thoughts, emotions and share experiences. By reading her blog, you’ll come across many beauty routines, makeup tricks and tips, her favorite brands for both men and women and lots more. You’ll also get a chance to see her original sense of fashion.

Collage Vintage

6 Inspiring Spanish Fashion Bloggers

Sara started created Collage Vintage in 2009 as well. Her goal was to share her passion for fashion with many people around the world. Sara enjoys traveling so her blogs are full of interesting travel stories and experiences, travel guides and of course, amazing pictures of her style in many cities around the globe. She puts her heart into every one of her blog posts. You’ll catch a glimpse of her dedication just by scrolling Collage Vintage and seeing the gorgeous collages she creates. 


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Mes Voyages

6 Inspiring Spanish Fashion Bloggers

Mes Voyages is run by Monica Sors and quickly gained popularity after she started it in 2010. Until now, she has collaborated with many brands including Gucci, L`Oreal, Elite Model Look, Michael Kors, etc. Her blog is a perfect collage of her travel stories and pictures, beauty ideas, street-style and many other looks. She is also active on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. No wonder she gained over 444k followers on Instagram, considering her feed is breathtaking – pics from all around the globe with her dressed in beautiful stylings. Her simple, girly style seems to attract many people and her blog posts are really engaging.


6 Inspiring Spanish Fashion Bloggers

If you are a fashion lover, you have probably heard of Gadriana. The blog is run by Adriana, who started it in 2010 and since then has collaborated with many influential designers including Salvatore Ferragamo, Aveda, Coach, Vogue México, L’Oreal, and Dior. Interestingly, Adriana keeps her private life out of the public because her main goal is to inspire and share her style and style ideas with the world. She is very devoted to her work and her blog is proof of her dedication, love and admiration for fashion.

Mommy Bloggers

Let’s be honest, maintaining a family is a job in-itself. The following bloggers are examples of hard-working women who succeeded in following their dreams while taking care of their families. I, like may, really admire successful moms, so reading Belén’s and Eli &Eli’s blogs is not just interesting, it’s inspiring.

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Belén Canalejo

6 Inspiring Spanish Fashion Bloggers

Belén started writing her fashion and lifestyle blog, Balamoda, back in 2009. With over 229k followers on Instagram and over 394k subscribers on YouTube, she quickly became an influencer. She posts pictures of her glamorous, but subtle fashion style daily. Her clothes are usually white or pastel colors. Belén also shares some of the personal moments in her life on her blog, including the daily activities of her kids, family gatherings, business collaborations etc. Her blogs and videos are cheerful, interesting and funny. A seemingly perfectly balanced family and work life – how does she do it?

Eli G and Eli S

6 Inspiring Spanish Fashion Bloggers

Eli Garcia and Eli Simo met when they were only six years old! Since then, they have shared ups and downs, good and bad and a passion for fashion. Both women live in Barcelona that’s where they created their blog Lost in Vogue.

Lost in Vogue helps is a space where they share their passions with the world. They also give readers an insight into their kids’ lives and share some adorable pictures too.

Getting lost in the amazing world of fashion is a great way to escape the daily grind. I can scroll fashion bloggers’ pictures for hours and read their blog posts again and again. I always find inspiration in their stories, but what excites me the most is improving my Spanish and learning new phrases and collocations by reading my favorite fashion blogs.


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