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Make an Impression Using these Japanese Dating Phrases

Dating is already a tricky situation to navigate, but trying to find your soulmate using a language that you aren’t native in can be even tougher. If you’re thinking of pursuing someone who only speaks Japanese, we’ve got some words and phrases that should help you out no matter what stage you’re at in the Japanese dating game.

Before the Date

These phrases are for meeting someone you think looks interesting and would like to date, or for a friendship that you want to take to the next level. For Japanese dating specifically, it’s not rude to walk up to a stranger and engage in conversation, so don’t be afraid to approach someone you think looks attractive.

Kimi wa totemo utsukushii yo.
You are very beautiful.

Ore wa (Watashi wa), tomodachi ijō to shite anata no koto o kangaete iru.
I think of you as more than a friend. (Use Ore if you are male, Watashi if you are female).

Anata no koto o motto shiritai desu.
I want to know more about you.

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During the Date

In Japanese dating, don’t just talk about yourself; learn about the other person. Others won’t be as interested in you if all you do is talk about yourself, in any language for that matter.

These are some phrases you can use during your date to show that you’re having fun and enjoingy the other person’s company:

Shumi wa nan desu ka?
What are you hobbies?

Donna shigoto yatte irun desu ka?
What do you do for work?

Suki na tabemono wa nan desu ka?
What’s your favorite food?

Kore wa tanoshi yo!
This is really fun!

After the Date

These are follow up phrases to use after the date to make sure your intentions are clear, whether good or bad. When you’re engaging in Japanese dating, make sure your follow up messages are short and to the point and that you don’t overcrowd the other person with too many messages.

Kino tanonshin da.
I had fun yesterday!

Kondo aimasu ka?
When can we meet again?

Tomodachi no mama ga ii desu.
We should just be friends.
(Used as a response if they ask to be more and you don’t feel the same way).

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Additional Japanese Dating Phrases

These are phrases that can be used after many dates or to express yourself in other ways. Japanese dating can be time consuming and difficult to navigate at times, which is why you should make sure to have an arsenal of useful phrases at your disposal.

Anata wa watashi no taipu de wa nai desu.
You are not my type.

Anata ni muchu desu.
I’m absolutely crazy about you!

Issho ni iru hotto suru.
I feel safe/at home with you.

Another tip, texting is probably going to be easier if you’re a beginner since you can use Google translate and can pause and think about what you’re going to say. However, it’s still important to learn how to read Japanese if you’re thinking about dating someone and want to schedule plans with them 😉

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Wisteria D. Jones is an American writer currently living in Ibaraki, Japan. She spends her free time sight seeing, reading, writing, and watching Netflix at home with her cat.

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