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Italian Numbers: Learn How to Count in Italian

Learning how to count is an important tool to nail when learning a new language.

Whether you are being asked your age, the time, or even the price of things, knowing the numbers in a new language is going to help you in everyday conversations. Do not panic, luckily the numbers in Italian are quite similar to the numbers in English, which makes learning them an easy skill to master in no time.

Italian Numbers list

One – uno
It is pronounced oo/noh

Two – due
It is pronounced doo/eh

Three – tre
It is pronounced treh

Four – quattro
It is pronounced kwah/tro

Five – cinque
It is pronounced cheen/kweh

Six – sei
It is pronounced seh/i

Seven – sette
It is pronounced set/eh

Eight – otto
It is pronounced oh/toh

Nine – nove
It is pronounced noh/veh

Ten – dieci
It is pronounced dee/eh/chee

Eleven – undici
It is pronounced oon/dee/chee

Twelve – dodici
It is pronounced do/dee/chee

Thirteen – tredici
It is pronounced treh/dee/chee

Fourteen – quattordici
It is pronounced kwah/tor/dee/chee

Fifteen – quindici
It is pronounced kween/dee/chee

Sixteen – seidici
It is pronounced seh/dee/chee

Seventeen – diciassette
It is pronounced dee/cha/set/eh

Eighteen – diciotto
It is pronounced dee/cho/toh

Nineteen – diciannove
It is pronounced dee/cha/noh/veh

Twenty – veneti
It is pronounced ven-tee


Learn the Italian Numbers with LingQ

There are lots of lessons in the LingQ Italian library that will help you learn to count in Italian, like the one below.

Learn Italian online at LingQ

All words in your lessons are blue until you check the translation and make them yellow, this tells the system you are learning that word. Once you for sure know the word (it will happen naturally as you read through more and more lessons on LingQ) you set it to “known” and the colour disappears.

Work through Italian lessons making blue words yellow then (and this feels so good) colour-free and see the progress you’re making lesson by lesson.


Learn Italian online at LingQ


Larger Italian Numbers List

If you can count up to twenty in Italian, you can officially understand why Starbucks has a cup size named “venti”. It means you are getting 20 ounces of coffee.

You shouldn’t stop at twenty though, because if you are out shopping or eating in a large group your bill might be higher than “venti” euros. Let’s take a look at the numbers from thirty to one hundred.

Thirty – trenta

Forty – quaranta

Fifty – cinquanta

Sixty – sessanta

Seventy – settanta

Eighty – ottanta

Ninety – novanta

One Hundred – cento

Learn Italian with the LingQ podcast

Italian Numbers proverbs

We have four different proverbs to help you put your Italian numbers to use. These proverbs are a great way to practice memorizing your numbers in Italian.

First up we have, “Non c’è due senza tre, il quattro vien da sè.” It literally translates to “there’s no two without three, the four comes by itself.” However, it really means that good and bad things come in threes. Another well-known proverb in English that is similar to this one is “third time’s the charm.”

Next up, we have “Chi fa da sè fa per tre.” It literally translated to “who does it by themselves does it for three.” This proverb means that if you want to be sure that something is done well, you should do it yourself.

A more popular proverb that you can hear in everyday conversations is “andare a fare quattro salti.” It translates to “go to do four jumps.” However, using it in a normal Italian conversation, it means “let’s go dance.” This proverb is often used in Italy by both young and older citizens.

Last but not least, we have a proverb that is used when someone picks lottery numbers based on superstitions. “Dare i numeri” literally translates to “to give numbers”, but it truly means that someone is going crazy. Often times, you hear a mom say this about her bambino(toddler) who is not behaving well.


Learn Italian Faster Using the LingQ App

Immersing yourself in Italian doesn’t require you to travel abroad or sign up for an expensive language program. However, it can be a bit tiresome to find interesting content, go back and forth between sites, use different dictionaries to look up words, and so on.

That’s why there’s LingQ. A language app that helps you learn Italian from content you love.

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You can import videos, podcasts, and much more and turn them into interactive lessons. Keep all your favourite Italian content stored in one place, easily look up new words, save vocabulary, and review. Check out our guide to importing content into LingQ for more information.

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