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Common English Errors

People who are learning English as a second or foreign language might find this list of common errors in English helpful.
It’s actually designed for native English speakers … the errors are fairly frequent … but it will likely also be helpful to those who are just learning the language and want to avoid common mistakes.
Examples include:

  • Anecdote and antidote
    A humorist relates “anecdotes.” The doctor prescribes “antidotes” for children who have swallowed poison. Laughter may be the best medicine, but that’s no reason to confuse these two with each other.
  • Coarse and course
    “Coarse” is always an adjective meaning “rough, crude.” Unfortunately, this spelling is often mistakenly used for a quite different word, “course,” which can be either a verb or a noun (with several different meanings).

Take a look if you’re interested … there are probably over 1000 common errors there.

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