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New Languages on LingQ


We are regularly asked to add new languages to LingQ.
We would love to offer all languages but without a certain critical mass 
of content, new users get frustrated. Therefore, we
will only add new languages after we have a solid base of content for them.

If you would like to see your language added to LingQ, here are the requirements:


Beta Languages

Beta languages are not fully supported but do allow full import capabilities.*


60 Mini Stories

Active News Feed

Adequate Dictionaries

Grammar Guide

Contact us to contribute


Supported Languages

Supported languages have more content and better support in fixing any language specific issues.
LingQ will also spend more time providing and sourcing content for these languages.*


2 audio hours of Beginner lessons

5 audio hours of Intermediate lessons

5 audio hours of Advanced lessons


These lessons may be original content or third party content for which permission to share
has been obtained. Only courses with high audio quality and matching text along with
quality images and descriptions will be accepted. 

If you believe you have gathered enough material to meet these requirements please contact us before starting to record any material.

* Technical issues may prevent some languages
from becoming supported.

Thanks for helping make more languages available on LingQ! 

Questions? Send us an email