I began to start seriously using LingQ for Spanish about 4 months ago. Now I am able to converse (not entirely fluent, but very proficiently) with my friends.

- Daniel Reiter, Corpus Christi, Texas

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Why LingQ?

LingQ breaks down the barriers that prevent people from learning languages. We LingQ ("link") you to a world of authentic French content and an online community of French learners and French native speaker tutors. We LingQ you to our powerful tools and resources. (We don't LingQ you to classrooms, text books and grammar rules.) Based on TheLinguist method.

  • Join live Conversations
  • Make friends in our community
  • Have your Writing corrected
  • Download and listen on the go
  • Learn your new Vocabulary
  • Get help from Personal tutors

Learn French like a child

Everyone learns to speak their native language. Why not use the same approach to learn a new language online? Surround yourself with meaningful French input that matters to you. Start at an easy level and work your way up. Accelerate French vocabulary acquisition with LingQ's unique system. Soon French will be a part of you, naturally.

An online community of French learners

Learning French online doesn't mean learning alone. At LingQ, you're part of a global language learning community. Join live French conversations or interact on our Forums and Blogs. Meaningful communication in your new language online makes it real and real communication helps you learn.

Available when you are

LingQ is always on, always available, so you can study French when you have time. No scheduled lessons, no traveling to class, no wasted time. We make it easy to find the time to learn a language and improve. On LingQ, if you spend the time, you will learn French. It's that simple.

Who is it for?

LingQ is for all French learners, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers, from people learning on their own to students in classrooms. Are you starting from scratch? Are you determined to become fluent in French? Do you just want to brush up on your French before you travel? LingQ is for you. As your French grows, LingQ grows with you.

  • "...With the LingQ methodology I have found something like a "missing link". Interesting content and mp3 files, flashcards ... together with the possibility of communicating with other learners and a tutor."

    Reinhard, Hausleiten, Austria
  • "...Thanks for creating this site. It will really help a lot of those who intend to learn new foreign languages. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!"

    Frances, The Phillipines
  • "This week is my one-year-anniversary of my new English learning at LingQ. ...The LingQ system and the LingQ community give me a lot of motivation to learn English. Thank you, LingQ!"

    Nobuo, Shiga, Japan

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