[Vancouver, Canada] — LingQ, the powerful language learning app developed by polyglot Steve Kaufmann, marks Icelandic Language Day by making Icelandic free to learners worldwide.

Icelandic Free to Learn on LingQ on Icelandic Language Day

Icelandic is one of the smallest nation-state languages in the world with around 340,000 speakers within Iceland and 350,000 speakers worldwide. The history of Icelandic can be traced back to the 9th century and the language is the root of modern Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Due to the prevalence of English in the digital world, Icelandic youth are no longer building a strong foundation in Icelandic and English is gaining dominance in Icelandic culture. Non-natives in Iceland who want to learn the language have also faced a daunting lack of learning materials. Icelandic tour guide and standup comedian Rökkvi Vésteinsson decided to take action and translated the LingQ Mini Stories, a course that will take learners from beginner to intermediate in the language, into Icelandic so that the language could be made available to learn on LingQ. In addition, Vésteinsson has been working with other Icelandic content producers who have agreed to provide content covering a broad range of topics to the Icelandic Library. The ability for learners to create their own lessons from any content they find online including YouTube videos and Netflix shows using the LingQ Importer browser extension, makes the content available even greater.

"Having learned three new languages through LingQ well enough to have later been able to guide tours in them, I know what an incredible tool it is on the way to becoming a fluent speaker," said Vésteinsson. "Before, there was a painful lack of learning materials in Icelandic, but this will be revolutionary for any non-native resident here who wants to learn our language. Obviously, if we want our language to survive, one key element is making it easy for people who move here to learn it."

With Icelandic now free to learn and the addition of engaging and effective learning material, the hope is that more people will learn this unique and ancient language.

The Icelandic language course is available for free on all of LingQ's web and mobile apps starting today.

For more information, visit https://www.lingq.com/.

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