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A Better Way to Remember Verb Forms

When it comes to learning a new language, one of the trickiest parts is getting accustomed to the new verb forms you come across.
There’s past, present, future, continuous past, perfect present, and a whole lot more to remember depending on the language you’re studying.
That’s why LingQ has introduced a new feature that helps you remember verb forms easily.  
Automatic grammar tagging.
What’s so great about this?
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Now, every time you come across a new verb in your lesson, LingQ will automatically generate tags to let you know exactly which verb form it is. It also tells you the root form of the verb and the person of the verb. *Please note, not every language will have this feature yet*
Now every time you look at that word you can remind yourself of these verb elements instantly. Not only does this feature save time, it also keeps your vocabulary review organized.
Click on the”Vocabulary” tab then click “Filter” and you’ll be able to view your list of grammar tags (please be aware that they will appear in the language that you’re studying). For example, If you only want to view verbs in the past tense, then select the appropriate tag and LingQ will pull up exactly what you’re looking for.
LingQ App
Don’t forget, you can also access your tags on the LingQ mobile app.
LingQ Mobile App
Steve Kaufmann has said, very often things that we study now won’t stick for us until six months.
Which is why reviewing is so important.
Thanks to LingQ’s automatic grammar tagging, you’ll be able to remember verb forms faster and review them better.
Good luck!

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