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Thank You in Japanese (and Other Useful Phrases)

If you’re about to start a Japanese language learning journey, you’re in for a treat! It’s a rich and expressive language.
There are quite a few words in Japanese that don’t even exist in other languages, like “shinrinyoku”, which means forest bathing, and “Yuugen”, an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses that are too mysterious and deep for words (how cool is that?!). There are also three writing systems in Japanese, but let’s take things one step at a time.
You might be feeling excited but perhaps a little worried about what you’re getting yourself into. People say that Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn, after all. Don’t worry, we’re going to ease you into things with some basic and very useful phrases in Japanese.
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Learning thank you in Japanese could be the beginning of your road to fluency!

Thank you 

ありがとうございます (arigatō gozaimasu)



ください (kudasai)


Excuse me 

すみません (sumimasen)



今日は (konnichiwa)


Good morning/afternoon/evening 

お早うございます (ohayō gozaimasu)

今日は (konnichiwa)

今晩は (konbanwa)



さようなら (sayōnara)


How are you? 

お元気ですか (o genki desu ka)


Nice to meet you  

初めまして (hajimemashite)


You’re welcome  

どういたしまして (dō itashimashite)


What’s your name? / My name is…

お名前はなんですか (o-namae wa nan desu ka) /愛佳です (Aika desu)


Where are you from? / I’m from…

出身はどこですか (Shusshin wa doko desu ka?) / 出身です (… shusshin desu)


I’m from the United States.

アメリカ出身です (Amerika shusshin desu)

I’m from Canada.

カナダ出身です (Kanada shusshin desu)


Do you speak…? 

…はできますか (… dekimasu ka)


Do you speak English?

英語はできますか (Eigo dekimasu ka)

Do you speak Japanese?

日本語はできますか (Nihongo dekimasu ka)


Where is the…?

…はどこですか (… wa doko desu ka)


Where is the bus stop?

バス停はどこですか (basutei wa doko desu ka)

Where is the supermarket?

はどこですか (Sūpāmāketto wa doko desu ka)

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乾杯 (kanpai)


Bon appetit!

いただきます (itadakimasu)


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  • Nihonkai
    June 14, 2017 at 2:11 am

    Came across your blog through Google. Loved the way you explained things about each and everything. These are some basic greetings that everyone should remember if they don’t know much Japanese and is going there for holidays.

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