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7 Spanish YouTubers to Check Out to Improve Your Language Skills

Is it your goal to level up your Spanish listening skills? Are you ready to test out your knowledge on some fast-paced and more diverse content? If so, then start by checking out the following seven Spanish YouTubers.

We all know that the same old Spanish textbooks and worksheets can get tiresome. The seven YouTube channels highlighted below are all in Spanish, therefore they offer an exciting and fun way to advance your comprehension and listening skills. Each YouTuber has his or her own niche, whether it is discussing travel, culture, the language learning process, or the latest fashion and beauty trends; all you have to do is choose a topic that interests you, and start learning today!


Me llamo Natan


7 Spanish YouTubers to Check Out to Improve Your Language Skills
Natan compares and reflects on life in Argentina versus in the United States. Common themes include Argentinian sports, food, as well as language and accents, and the experience of growing up in a household where both English and Spanish were spoken.

Difficulty: Compared to other YouTubers, Nathan is easier to understand and has a slower pace. His videos offer a great opportunity to practice listening to someone who speaks Spanish with an Argentinian accent.

Dustin Luke

7 Spanish YouTubers to Check Out to Improve Your Language Skills
Dustin Luke is a charismatic YouTuber who shares his experiences with learning about and loving the Latin culture. As a person who was born and raised in the United States, without any Hispanic background, his videos offer an interesting perspective on the language learning journey. Dustin occasionally uses examples in English or interacts with English-speaking friends in his videos, however Spanish subtitles or translation is always provided. Follow Dustin on his many adventures to Spanish-speaking countries and events, and start learning more Spanish today!

Difficulty: Dustin speaks at a slower pace, so his videos are great for intermediate learners.

Learn Spanish with the LingQ podcast


Yuya, an expert in all things beauty and style, has a wide variety of videos in Spanish. Yuya is from Mexico, and her videos include makeup tutorials, do-it-yourself hairstyles and fashion tips, among other health and beauty topics. Yuya posts videos every Wednesday and Friday, so she has lots of content for Spanish learners to enjoy.

Difficulty: The videos on her channel are best for advanced learners as Yuya speaks at a very fast pace.


How to Get the Most out of Spanish YouTubers

The YouTubers in this list are great for improving your Spanish skills. However, it becomes a hassle having to look up your new vocabulary in another tab (or in your dictionary) each time you’re stumped. Not only that, but if you want to review your new vocabulary, you’ll have to spend even more time writing them down or adding them into a flashcard deck.

That’s why there’s LingQ. You can easily import all the content mentioned above and turn those videos into interactive lessons that include the transcript, audio, and video for Android, iOS and desktop. That means you can study your favorite Spanish content anytime, anywhere. Its the best way of learning Spanish online because it lets you learn from content you enjoy! 

Let me quickly show you how this works.


Learn Spanish online at LingQ


First, you’ll need to download the LingQ browser extension (Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Once that’s done, go to a video on YouTube that you enjoy and click on the extension to import the content into LingQ. Please note, the YouTube video must have closed captions. Also, you can import content using your mobile device too. For a full guide on importing, please see this post.

Learn Spanish on LingQ

In seconds, LingQ will create a lesson using the video’s audio and transcript for you to easily go through.

Learn Spanish online at LingQ

Save your new words and look them up using LingQ’s dictionary resources. Don’t forget you can listen to the audio and watch the video too, all in LingQ. If you want to know where to find more Spanish YouTube channels to help you study, check out this post.

Inna Moll

Inna Moll
Looking for a wide variety of topics all in one place? Inna Moll is from Chile, and offers a variety of videos on travel, adventure, beauty, and her experiences as a model. Inna publishes “storytelling” videos in which she discusses her personal career and travel experiences.

Difficulty: Inna’s videos are great for intermediate learners as she speaks clearly, and not too fast.

Hola Soy Germán

Up for a real challenge? Videos posted by YouTuber Germán Garmendia are entertaining, and may take practice to follow due to the extremely fast rate in which he speaks. However, intermediate learners can follow along with the English subtitles included in all videos. Topics cover everyday life experiences such as finding a job, different types of people, recent events, fads, movies, as well as a variety of other topics, all with a comical twist.

Difficulty: Advanced level, however there are subtitles in English for most videos

Hey its Pricila

Pricila is a Mexican-born YouTuber whose positive energy makes learning Spanish fun! Her videos cover a range of topics from beauty tips, exercises and healthy lifestyle to current events and DIY projects. You are sure to find something that interests you, and you can practice Spanish at the same time!

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced level.

Thats Dominican TV



For those of you looking to experience a Caribbean-based Spanish channel, ThatsDominicanTV offers a long list of videos which highlight the culture, language and people of the Dominican Republic. These YouTubers make learning Spanish entertaining, as most content pokes fun at cultural norms, and is perfect for those with a sense of humor.

Difficulty: This channel is a good challenge for those hoping to understand the Dominican accent, which can be a challenge based on their tendency to make words shorter and speak at a fast pace.
Learn Spanish online at LingQ

How long does it take to learn Spanish? Check out polyglot and LingQ cofounder Steve Kaufmann’s blog post to learn about the 5 factors that influence this!


Erica Lovely discovered her interest for Spanish language and culture in high school. Since then, she has taken her skills across the USA and abroad, volunteering in California and the Dominican Republic. She is currently studying to becoming a Spanish to English medical interpreter.  

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