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10 Spanish YouTube Channels to Help You Learn the Language

Ever had your attention drawn in by an interesting YouTube video or channel, to later realize you have been watching for hours?

Like to learn new information and tricks of the trade, or just catch up on the latest celebrity news?

Well why not do it all, while also learning a new language!

Spanish YouTube videos are one of the best ways to learn Spanish! They provide a great way to learn new vocabulary, maximize comprehension skills and boost your confidence in conversation. Highlighted below are 10 different YouTube Channels that can help you do just that!

All the YouTube channels below are 100% in Spanish, but not to worry if you are a new learner, as all videos also include a closed caption or subtitle option, so you can follow along in English as needed. Try out a few channels to see which videos interest you the most, so that you keep coming back for more! To celebrities, travel and adventuring, to crafting, and many other topics in between, you are sure to find something that interests you.


10 Spanish YouTube Channels

El RubiusOMG
Here we go… first up is this Spanish-Norwegian YouTube personality, El RubiusOMG, who offers a combination of comedy, travel and videogame vlogs. A channel all those gamers are sure to enjoy! This YouTuber speaks clearly, and at a moderate pace, which along with limited background noise, makes this channel a great choice for new to intermediate Spanish learners.

Luan Palomera
You don’t have to worry about falling asleep when you check out this YouTuber. Luan Palomera’s videos will grasp your attention, to say the least. These 6 to 10 minute videos are entertaining and informative, and include dialogue with pictures and videos. Topics include internet sensations, comparisons and surprising bits of information. Practice your Spanish while being entertained!

Luisito Comunica
If the idea of travelling to foreign lands and enjoying the best of different cultures makes you smile…check out the dynamic YouTube channel, Luisito Comunica. Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, a YouTuber with Mexican nationality, travels all around the world and provides a glimpse of his journey in each respective place. His videos often focus on the different types of foods and culture he experiences along the way.

If you would like to tune in to one of the most watched channels in Spanish, then check out Badabun. Expect to listen to a variety of different hosts, as they interview or quiz the public on different topics. The energetic hosts sometimes engage couples and passerby’s in interesting competitions as well. This channel is great for testing your Spanish listening and comprehension skills.


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Los Polinesios
If you are looking for a variety of topics all in one place, these three siblings, Rafa, Karen and Lesslie, form a trio known to YouTube as Los Polinesios. On this channel, videos are uploaded frequently, and include a fun combination of crafts and projects, recipes, summaries of travel adventures and other family friendly topics.  

Jimena Valle
Jimena Valle, known on YouTube as Gibby, is an incredibly talented, and young, YouTuber, and has more than 9 million followers. Gibby is unique, energetic and inspiring to listen to, and alongside her mother and siblings, her videos provide lots of entertainment. Videos focus on Gibby’s day to day routine, opinions and family-friendly adventures.

Kimberly Loaiza
If you want to meet one of the most popular Spanish female YouTubers, jump to this channel. Kimberly Loaiza, a Mexican born YouTube star, offers a variety of creative videos between 15 and 50 minutes in length. You will enjoy makeup tutorials, fashion topics, comments on celebrities, and other crazy activities in the life of this YouTuber and her partner, Juan.

This female Youtuber has not one, but two YouTube channels which are easy to understand and fun to follow. Check out YosStop and JustYosS for a variety of videos, including her opinion on controversial topics, self-esteem and style while other videos capture her experiences with travel and fashion.

Juan de Dios Pantoja
A social media guru from Mexico, Juan de Dios lights up YouTube with comedy videos and interesting conversation. Juan de Dios even has a few of his own music videos. Many of his videos include fellow YouTuber and partner, Kimberly Loaiza. Though the videos are highly entertaining, the background noises and effects can be distracting to the new Spanish learner.

For those who get inspired by DIY crafting projects and want to learn Spanish at the same time, Craftingeek is the YouTube channel to try today. These videos offer step by step instructions and demonstration of the projects. It’s the best of both worlds, as you unleash your creative side, but will also learn some great Spanish vocabulary along the way!

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Turning YouTube videos into Spanish lessons

It’s one thing to watch YouTube videos, it’s another to study them. If you really want to improve your Spanish reading and listening skills, I recommend making sure you follow the dialogue from start to finish.

However, this can be quite challenging on YouTube since you can’t easily look up the definition and reading the closed captions can be a bit of an eye-sore (especially on mobile).

See what I mean? The text is tine and there are ads popping up. Now, let me show you a better way to listen and read content off of YouTube…

Learn Spanish online on LingQ

See, isn’t that better? Thanks to LingQ, you can create lessons using content you love. You can read the dialogue, listen to the audio, look up words, save them, and much more. Not only that, LingQ is available for iOS and Android, allowing you to take your lessons on the go!

Learn Spanish on the LingQ mobile app

Check out our post to learn more about importing YouTube content into LingQ. Also, if you want to find out which other channels I recommend for learning Spanish, go read 7 Spanish YouTubers to Check Out to Improve Your Language Skills.

That’s it for now. Remember, learning a new language isn’t as hard as it seems. Just read, listen, and speak when you can for about an hour a day and in no time you’ll notice improvement. Good luck!

People often wonder how long it takes to learn a language. How long to learn Spanish? Check out polyglot and LingQ cofounder Steve Kaufmann’s blog post to find out!


Erica Lovely discovered her interest for Spanish language and culture in high school. Since then, she has taken her skills across the USA and abroad, volunteering in California and the Dominican Republic. She is currently studying to becoming a Spanish to English medical interpreter.