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Seeking Success with The Linguist

I happened to pop over to Steve’s Linguist blog today to see what he’s been writing lately.
Steve has an absolutely great post about a Chinese language learner on our system. You must check it out.
The story embodies precisely what The Linguist is all about: inspiring, motivating, and enabling success. Our new learner – who moved from China to Canada – has a story that is all to familiar to immigrants to the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia:

He is a former research scientist from China (Harbin) who drives a fork lift in a fish packing plant in Vancouver.

Can you imagine that? A former research scientist, now working as a fork lift driver in a fish packing plant.
Simple: English skills. Or lack thereof. Like it or not, it simply does not matter what your qualifications for a good job are, if you cannot communicate to co-workers, clients, and your boss. You must, must, must be able to speak, understand, read, and write in the native language of those you are working with.
That’s this man’s struggle – his challenge. At The Linguist, we’re proud to help him.
We can help you too – check us out now!

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