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Russian YouTubers: Great Content to Help You Study

There are many different ways to learn Russian. Especially if you’re interested in the culture. Thanks to the internet, you can immerse yourself in Russian by browsing different blogs, reading news, listening to audiobooks, and of course, by watching Russian YouTubers. YouTube helped me learn English and today, I will tell you how you can learn Russian the same way.   

As you probably know, YouTube is a video platform and one of the most popular sites on the internet. You can search whatever you like, in any language (including Russian). By watching Russian YouTubers, you’ll be able to practice your listening skills as well as reading (videos may have subtitles or at the very least, closed captions). Best of all, you can find content YOU enjoy. 

Even for me, I watch YouTube videos probably everyday. And for that reason, I’ve decided to share with you a list of my favorite Russian YouTubers that can help you learn a vast amount of vocabulary. Lets go!

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Russian YouTubers

Max +100500
The host of this popular channel is Maksim Golopolosov. With more than 10 million subscribers, Maksim is one of the most popular Russian YouTubers. Maksim makes compilations of viral videos and adds his own commentary (you’ll learn a lot of jokes by listening to him).

Yury Khovansky 
Another big YouTuber in Russia, Yury got his start collaborating with popular internet personality, Maddyson. Thanks to Maddyson’s fame, Yury began to gain an audience and now his channel has amassed 3.9 million subscribers.  Yury reviews video games and movies. He also vlogs about travel and other a variety of other subjects.

Usachev Show
Usachev creates videos that are usually about travel but he also discusses popular Russian news topics too. If you’re interested in news and media, from a Russian perspective, you should check out this channel.

18-year old YouTuber, Dzharakhov, has had a rapid rise to YouTube stardom. Not only is he a YouTuber, Dzharakhov is also an entertainer, actor, and rapper. Most of his videos music-related but he also talks about travel too.

EeOneGuy is not only one of the biggest YouTubers in Russia, but he is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world, boasting over 14 million subscribers. Most of EeOneGuy’s videos are about him commenting on video game. He also creates short comedy sketches.

This Russian YouTuber creates videos about life hacks. For example, homemade inventions to make your life easier. If you like science and keen on learning Russian at the same time, this channel’s for you. 


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