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Where to Find Interesting and Helpful Russian Short Stories

Russia is famous for its literature, and whilst the stories themselves are great to listen to or to read in English, they’re even more magical in the language they were intended to be consumed in. But where can you find these? Well, sit back and read through this post, as we have found a multitude of locations where you can dabble in Russian short stories.

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Russian Fairy-Tales

Who doesn’t love a fairy tale? Well, Russians adore fairytales, and you can listen to (and watch!) Russian fairy tales with subtitles underneath to make sure that your pronunciation is absolutely perfect. This is more suited to absolute beginners as I’m sure the more advanced of you would be put off by English subtitles.

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Dlya Detey

Get back to your childhood with Russian fairy tales for children! The website is in Russian, as this is a website for Russian children, so you’ll also be using your Russian to navigate the website. What better way to learn some classic Russian fairy-tale vocabulary with давным давно and жили были.

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Want to pretend your a Russian school child? Well, these texts will be right up your street! You can choose whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, and the website will take you to the correct version of the story for your level! Some stories have audio accompanying the text and the stories have vocabulary highlighted, so that you can click on them and quickly find the English translation for the word. Couldn’t be easier, right?

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Learn Russian Through Short Stories

It does what it says on the tin. You can choose which level you are at (1, 2 or 3) and read short stories (with accompanying audio) and clickable vocabulary! There are also translations to follow, so that you can check your understanding.

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Russian with Anastasia

Russian with Anastasia not only reads you Russian short stories so you can hear her accent and match it to your own, but she also provides subtitles and translations to her videos so they can be used for any level of Russian! The short story videos are under 10 minutes long, so they are perfect for putting on in the background or watching on your way to work. And if you finish all her videos but want more Russian with Anastasia, she has a general vlog in Russian as well which you can enjoy!

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Russian Short Stories on LingQ

As you can see from the pictures above, you can import your favorite Russian short stories into LingQ.

LingQ allows you to easily read the transcript, listen to the audio, and look up your words. Let me quickly show you how you can create interactive LingQ lessons using YouTube videos.

First, you’ll need to download the LingQ extension and then go to the YouTube video you want to import.

Simply click the extension and hit the import button.

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Wait a few seconds and your LingQ lesson will be ready to go.

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Look up your new words, test yourself, and improve your Russian each day. LingQ keeps track of your stats too. Using LingQ’s mobile app, you can take your lessons on the go so you never miss a moment of study time.

Check out LingQ today to discover how to learn Russian fast using content you love!

Learn using content you love on LingQ today and watch your Russian skills grow. Also, don’t forget to check out our other Russian posts to learn more tips and tricks.

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Philippa is a Russian and French graduate with a love of linguistics. She is currently translating a novel.

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