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The Best Russian Podcasts for Beginners and Advanced Learners

One of the most unique and interesting languages to learn is also a quite difficult one. Yes, Russian people proudly call their language ‘’the great and mighty’’, because they know how complicated it can be. I know this, well, because I’m Russian. But at the same time Russian is really special and attractive to many people around the world. So what can you do to become closer to the rich culture and how can you immerse yourself in this wonderful world? Obviously, the best possible way is to go to Russia. But that may not be an option. Good news is that there’s a cheaper and easier way to immerse yourself by listening to Russian podcasts.

There are tons of Russian Podcasts available online. Some of them are for beginners while others are more advanced.

In this post, you’ll discover a variety of Russian podcasts which can help improve your listening skills, teach you new words, and bring yourself closer to the culture.
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Beginner Russian Podcasts

Slow Russian
Slow Russian is an amazing podcast for beginners. I think it’s the best way to start listening to real pronunciation from native speakers. The dialogue is set at a good pace and will help you pick up new words. The most frequent topics are Russian culture and daily life.

Russian Language Podcast
The Russian Language Podcast is another great podcast for beginners as well as intermediate learners. The most appealing thing about this podcast is the variety of topics which include daily life, sports, travel, literature and even the Russian army.

Learn Russian with the LingQ podcast

Advanced Russian Podcasts

In Russian Terms
In Russian Terms is a podcast for advanced learners. You will find that the dialogue contains advanced grammar such as Russian idioms and topics range from politics, people’s daily lives, and more.

Культурное путешествие (Cultural journey)
If you are comfortable speaking and listening to Russian then you may want to check out Cultural Journey. The podcast revolves around travel and remote areas in Russia.

Bonus podcast: Arzamas
I know that everyone loves bonuses so here you go – Arzamas is one of the most popular Russian podcasts on the internet. Not gonna lie, this one is really difficult, so don’t even dare to use this source unless you have enough experience of listening to real-life conversational Russian. But at the same time, if you want to check out something that’s popular among native speakers then you should definitely try this amazing podcast about science, culture and history.


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Learning Russian on LingQ

Podcasts are a great way to improve your listening skills, there’s no doubt about that. However, what about your reading skills? After all, lots of reading is the key to gaining fluency in any language according to polyglot Steve Kaufmann.

The best way to listen and read to Russian is using LingQ. It’s a language learning platform that stores all your content neatly into one place. Open a lesson, read the dialogue, look up your words, save them, listen to the audio, and much more. Here’s what a lesson looks like on LingQ.

Learn Russian online on LingQ

Blue words are words that are brand new (you’ve never come across them in LingQ). Click them and turn them into yellow words to save them to your vocabulary and review them at a later date.

What’s great about LingQ is that you can also import content you love. Russian podcasts, audiobooks, music, and much more. Here’s what LingQ looks like on mobile after I’ve imported the podcast Arzamas from YouTube.

Learn Russian on the LingQ mobile app

For more information on importing content into LingQ, please check out this post.

Check out LingQ today to discover how to learn Russian fast using content you love!

Good luck with your studies.

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