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Where to Find the Best Russian Audio Books for Free

Many people find that when not communicating with Russians or consuming Russian media on a daily basis, their listening skills really suffer. If you find listening to Russian songs difficult or paying attention to the news is too formal, try some of these resources and discover a whole library of audiobooks to help you learn Russian faster.

All For Children
On this site, you can find audiobooks for children. You might even find a few tales that similar to the ones you already know! Have you ever read the story of the gingerbread man who comes to life? Well, Russians have their own tale – Колобок, a mischievous ball of dough left on a windowsill!

The audiobooks on this site are great if you don’t want to commit to hours upon hours of intensive listening. You can find many audiobooks under 10 minutes long.

Audio Kniji Club
A huge database of Russian audiobooks to listen to! You can also split these by genres, so that you can find some excellent Russian contemporary fantasy novels to sink your teeth into. The audio is also split into bite size chunks, so that you can pause every few chapters (or listen to the whole book in one go!).

This website not only has Russian novels, but also novels translated into Russian, so if you have a firm favourite (Stephen King’s ‘It’, anyone?) you can listen to it in Russian!

Baza Knig
The same idea as Audio Knigi, but has different books to choose from. Here, you can’t search by author, but it appears to be a more Russian centred audiobook site. Usefully, it also has the length of the audiobook written and you can download them to listen to later!

For books that have entered the public domain; librivox has volunteers who read the books for you to download. Search by language and you can browse to your heart’s content. This is also especially useful for those of you taking Russian literature at university – think of the time you could save!

Most of this website is in Russian, and this may be for the more seasoned listeners! Babavera has a wealth of audio books for you to download! You also have the opportunity to listen to foreign authors in Russian, so for the budding translators out there, you can check how the Russian compares to the original!

So here you go: five ways of learning that you will want to explore! Other places where you can search include audible (which is a paid subscription service) or YouTube!


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Import Russian Audio Books into LingQ

Whether you’re wanting to learn Russian slang, formal greetings, or anything in between, Russian audio books are a great way to get you accustomed to all parts of the language.

Make your reading experience even more efficient by using LingQ. LingQ has the ability to import your favorite Russian audio books or any other type of content and create easy-to-read lessons. To find out how, make sure you check out this guide to importing on LingQ.

Learn Russian online at LingQ

As you can see, you can look up new words you come across using LingQ’s dictionary resources. Save your new words and review them at a later date. LingQ provides convenience and lets you learn using content you love.

Also, it’s available on mobile. Take your lessons wherever you go and listen to your target language, read your transcripts, and create review flashcards. LingQ’s language learning apps are available for both Android and iOS.

Check out LingQ today to discover how to learn Russian fast using content you love! Good luck.

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