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LingQ Statistics Keep You Motivated and on Track

We all need help to stay motivated when learning a new language. That’s why LingQ developed a system that rewards and encourages you every step of the way.
All progress is tracked, LingQs I’m learning, LingQs I’ve learned, words I know and the time I’m putting in.
When I complete a lesson, I can see how close I am to meeting my LingQs target for the day. When I meet it I see a checkmark, and if I go beyond my daily target and I’m on fire!
I can see my progress at any time by clicking the statistics tab. I can check out how I’ve done today, how I did yesterday, last week, the last two weeks, or all time.
The more I do, the more my activity score increases. This causes my activity apple to change from green to red, all the way to silver and gold.
The number next to my apple shows my streak, or how many days in a row I’ve met my LingQs target. It feels great to see this streak number increase every day, although a little sad when it comes to an end! But, before long you have a streak going again!
Another way LingQ motivates learners is with the LingQ avatar. I cans ee how the little creature is doing at any time by clicking the “Avatar” tab. As I achieve new levels my avatar grows.
All of the hard work I put in on LingQ earns me coins. I see them pop up when I work my way through a lesson. These coins can be used to buy things for my avatar. I can visit the store at any time to see what I can afford.
Take advantage of these features on LingQ. Motivated learners are successful learners.
Happy LingQing!

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