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The Results Are In: LingQ Ranks Highest in Effectiveness!

What are the best language learning apps? If you’re starting your language learning journey, we’re sure this question has crossed your mind at least once. 

Of course, our answer is always LingQ, based on our own experiences and the data and references we regularly see from our users. But, we have never done an independent study to demonstrate this. Until now! 

We had the experts at Compare Language Apps run an independent study to determine the effectiveness of LingQ for a random group of Spanish learners.

Compare Language Apps has analyzed most of the major language apps like Rosetta Stone, Busuu, Babbel, Mango Languages, Pimsleur, italki and Duolingo. Their methodology has remained consistent throughout, ensuring that each app gets a fair assessment.

After running the two-month study, the LingQ review results are in and we’re very excited to share them with you!

A Close Look at LingQ

According to the results, 99% of LingQ users who participated in the study saw improvement in their language skills.

The Results Are In: LingQ Ranks Highest in Effectiveness!

Yes, virtually all users saw improvement. That is incredibly high!

This means:

  • 87% improved their vocabulary and grammar skills
  • 89% improved their oral skills
  • 77% of learners improved both their vocabulary/grammar AND speaking skills 

This is after only two months on LingQ!

Comparing the best language learning apps.

Measuring Progress with LingQ

So how did the research team quantify this growth? Enter the WebCAPE test, a well-respected language proficiency exam developed by Brigham Young University.

LingQ users showed significant progress in this test, with an average gain of 23.3 points for every study hour.

To put this into context, you would only need about 12.6 hours of study on LingQ to meet the requirements for a first-semester college Spanish course.

Rosetta Stone1310-17
Mango Languages1512-20
Language Zen2518-41


An Equal Opportunity Language Learning Tool

Every language learner is unique. The study considered factors such as age, gender, education, employment, and the motivations for studying Spanish. What’s fascinating is that none of these factors had a significant impact on language improvement.

LingQ appears to be a tool that works equally well for everyone, regardless of their background or motivations.

LingQ review.

LingQ Helps Your Speaking

Even though LingQ is an input focused app, we have always believed that this focus on input leads to big gains in output as well. Specifically, as you immerse yourself in comprehensible, interesting content, not only do you achieve dramatic gains in comprehension, grammatical awareness and vocabulary growth, but, you also see big gains in speaking ability.

This was confirmed in this study using the True North Proficiency Test (TNT). This assessment tool for oral proficiency, based on the Elicited Imitation (EI) technique, involves the subject listening to a phrase and then repeating it as accurately as possible.

89.1% of participants improved their oral proficiency. Now that’s saying something!

LingQ review.

LingQ Review: Is LingQ the Best Language Learning App?

Well, it sure seems that way according to this independent study. To be fair, others in the list are in the same range but someone has to be at the top! In any case, what is clear is that LingQ is very effective and is effective for all learners. 13 hours on LingQ is equal to the first semester of college Spanish. If you’re looking for an effective approach, look no further.

As we mentioned earlier, we believe in a natural approach to learning languages that involves immersing the learner in authentic content where you can easily look up and learn new words and phrases. New features such as the integration of Whisper AI continue to expand users’ ability to import all the great content out there including podcasts, YouTube videos, Netflix shows, songs and more.

So, next time you ask someone (or Google) “what are the best language learning apps?” don’t be surprised if the answer is LingQ.

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