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Start a LingQ Challenge and Make a Breakthrough in Your Language

Another great way to stay motivated and compare yourself to other LingQers is by joining challenges. If you’re already taking part in any challenges, you’ll see them here along with any challenges you’ve completed in the past. To start a new challenge click here.
Here are the active challenges in French. I can complete the 90-Day Challenge by earning enough coins to meet the coins target. I earn coins by adding known words, creating LingQs and learning them. I can check the leaderboard regularly to see how I’m doing compared to other LingQers. Or, just check my progress against the coins target. I can also see a challenge summary in the weekly report email.
There are other challenges, like the Hard Core 90-Day Challenge which is, well, more hardcore. To complete this challenge, I need to complete the targets shown for a variety of activities and the requirements change as my level increases.
The Monthly LingQing Challenge involves creating as many LingQs as I can in a month. I can earn a badge for my profile, 250 gets me a bronze badge, 500 a silver and 1000 LingQs in a month will get me a shiny gold badge. This leaderboard shows how many LingQs other challengers have made so far.
And, of course, you are automatically enrolled in the 1000 word challenge in every language you start.
Sign up for a LingQ challenge and see if you can make a breakthrough in your language.
Happy LingQing!

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