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Be Part of the LingQ Community

Our community of enthusiastic language learners is part of what makes LingQ great.
The most obvious example of community sharing are the popular translations which you see in the blue panel when making LingQs. These are translations created by other members. Making great translations by checking the dictionaries available, or improving on existing translations means other users will benefit.
Make sure the default translation language is correct if you are using dictionaries in multiple languages, if not, it’s easy to change.
Another great way to help is by sharing lessons. To share a lesson, make sure it has both text and matching audio, is free from copyright and be sure to add an image. This can be content you create yourself or content you find and import. The more interesting content we all share, the more choice there is for everyone. You might even see your lessons pop up in the Lesson Feed as people complete and like them.
Many members like to give back to the community by becoming LingQ conversation tutors. If you would like to become a tutor, click “Add/Edit Conversations” here on the Speak page and then here to complete your tutor settings. Here you can select the languages you would like to have conversations in. Or, if you want to correct Exchange Requests, choose the languages you would like to be notified about when a request is submitted.
Finally, you can take part in the LingQ community by being active on our forums, blog or Facebook and Twitter. Ask questions, give advice, share your experiences and make friends.
Happy LingQing!

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